I need a better gpu

Hey guys im new to this forum and well to pcs and the hardware in general, but I recently aquired the 400 dollar rig before he updated it. I had like 500 bucks so the money I had keft over I used to buy a nvidia gpu i think its the 520 but since I also render videos in sony vegas pro 12 I need a better gpu to help me render because it takes me like 30 minutes even up to like 2 hours at times to render a 10-13 minute video. Please help ne out with this. I am willing to spend like 150 on it.

geforce 650 ti boost will be the best that fits your price range you told yes but if you want to get a (nvidia)gtx 660 that's $200 and is well worth it it's the best card for the money wait a month and save anouther $50. 

Will that help  my render times? Also if I get an ssd would that help?

going from a shitty gt 520 to a nice gtx 660? hell yes as long as you're using the gpu it'll prolly get you like 10x render times. that's how different those cards are. I have both of those cards i don't do rendering but the gaming performance is insane. i went from playing minecraft with a 256x256 texture pack on normal at 5 fps to extreme (4x render distance) at 40 fps. it's fantastic.

GASP!!!!!! I will get one!!!!!!!!! lol


Just 150? Isnt it better to "invest" and having something for a few years? I just bought the ASUS GTX 660ti oc for 300 eur.

a 7850 or a 7870, i have a 7950 and the Open CL support in Vegas is pretty awesome, i can render 1080P lossless videos to h.264 @ 20 000 b/s faster thean real time with just some CC, so a 7870 or 7850 should be able to render some pretty heavy stuff near real time.

Beyond could you post the whole name of your gpu oh and will it be supported by my motherboard and 500 watt bronze + powersupply?


500w should be fine for GTX 660ti or 7850.

550w wont be enough. I had one with the asus gtx 660 ti top and had a bluescreen when entering a 3d application. My recomendation is  650w min.