I need 3 cables for hooking up my new sound system

Couldn't find the proper category so please move to the right spot, thank you. I need 3 cables for hooking up my new sound system. I want high quality think cables but not paying insane money for cables that truly don't make a difference. I need a 3.5 male to 3.5 male aux cable about 3ft having a hard time finding a quality thick one. Need a 3.5 male to rca female cable. Then I need a gold plated 3ft rca cable that will split all the way down. Thank you in advance I do prefer to buy off amazon if possible.

Auxillary Cable: AmazonBasics makes some top-notch cables. I doubt you will find anything much thicker than that, those types of cables aren't going to be needlessly heavy. If you want really heavy, I would recommend a guitar cable with two 1/4" to 1/8" adapters on either, end; I am not certain on the quality, though.

Stereo Male to RCA Female: I am unfamiliar with any of the brands for any of these products, but this one has 2!

3' RCA: I have had good experience with Monoprice, thick insulation and quality gold-plated plugs. I, as a matter of fact, have a stereo to rca being used to transfer computer sound to my speakers. I think all you would have to do to make the cables separate is remove the rubber shrink wrap and slowly peal the cables away from them.

Hope this helps.

It does awesome thank you. I now also need 2 trs male to male cables about 3' want to get quality ones. Also I was looking at the kabledirekt rca's they look nice anyone ever use them?