I modded my MDR XB 1000's ! Super proud!

Hey! :D I modded my headphones and made it so the cable is detachable! Here is what it looks like now! (before - Stock/ After - Mine) I think it looks pretty bitchin' :D

Before (stock image)



Very nice.

I highly recommend making your own cable for them too. The stock cable is not the best in the world. If you go to guitar center, they have some nice mogami cable for cheap.

I am not using the original cable, don't worry :)


Nice job I probably couldn't have pulled this off. How are these headphones? I remember I year ago I was drooling over these cans because of their driver (and overall) size. Did you get these when they were $300 or $800? I noticed the price fluctuate A LOT. Just curious, and again nice job.

I got them back when they cost $300.. I have had them for 2 years and the cable was starting to go so I decided to fix the problem and make it easier to replace in the future.

It wasn't that difficult to do but it was fiddly. It cost about $50 in parts and took around 3 hours to do (with help from another)

Whoa, that's a lot of money in parts, I did not expect that.

Well that includes delivery costs (next day shipping)

Okay, that makes a bit more sense. Great mod dude, one of my favorites to see.