I missed this Bill Nye Youtube Blow Up

Nope, I'm already triggered by his new show.


I'm not a fan of Dusty, but this was a pretty decent video.

I hate his new show too. But youtube is calling him a social justice warrior for so called claims of going back on the science of chromosomes determining ones' sex. Bill Nye says sex and gender have different definitions and should be treated as such. Sex is what you are by your chromosome at birth. Gender is your personality/who you see yourself as. He says there is a gender spectrum.

Sorry if this is political! I don't care if it is deleted.


I like this review

I really don't get why people are so pissed off honestly.

He is a media figure. He is a mechanical engineer. He is not a scientist. He is not an authoritative source of information.

He has his own views and personal beliefs. He is using his own platform to speak his mind, and he is trying to put forward some evidence to back it up.

Also as far as the complaints about people calling him belittling, nope. Enough. Stupid people are stupid and clearly need help figuring that one out.

As far as I am concerned, this is what the show should be.

His post-modernism views on gender is a bit alarming as that is also the underlying movement to Canada's gender pronoun law. Although, with everything else such as astronomy, climate change, and evolution, I'd say he's pretty much on track as he gets his ideas from the rest of the science community such as Neil DeGrasse Tyson. I don't get why people get triggered by is demeanor either, it's almost as if people having dealt with a blunt spoken person before.



And think about it too. Bill Nye has been rallying against so many stupid people for so long. Remember that debate with Ken Ham?

Bill has been beaten down by retards so much so, that I am genuinely surprised he hasn't pulled a gun on some of these jack asses.

20+ years of trying to enlighten the population just to turn around and watch them get dumber must be infuriating. So we should just be glad that he is only being slightly demeaning.


He has been unstable ever since Ken Ham destroyed him in a debate.


Gender(Social) and Sex(Biological) have been entirely different things since before Victorian times.

Anyone willing to open a book and learn rather than shout loudest at each other knows what is going on here. People are once again offending themselves out of their own ignorance.

And Bill he's still just Bill as usual, all he's done is added science to politics, so inevitably some people were going to feel offended. And what other way for them to respond than as a chaotic, hate filled angry mob that brought nothing other than emotional outbursts and misinformed opinion to the fore.


The reason I dislike the show is because of the obvious propaganda that is being aired on a show that's clearly directed at children 8-12 years old. Call me old fashioned, but I prefer to not have a girl dancing around saying how anal sex can spice up your relationship on a childrens show. I just don't see the appeal to the show and as someone who grew up watching his (original) show on TV, it kinda bugs me because I used to think he was the shit up until he started politicizing everything.

It seems like people feel the need to politicize everything lately and it bugs me.

That said, regardless of who he is, the youtube blow-up was hilarious to watch. Just proves that while people call the youtube comments section cancer, it can be pretty grand when you take a look at it from a jokers perspective.

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I think that's the issue people are having, is that he hasn't (in some areas) added science so much as make it come across as if it is science.

The gender/sex episode for example was a little disturbing to me, it mixed scientifically valid information with literally made stuff (gender expression, also known as, what you wear. Which has no scientific background).

The problem with the episode is, or at least how it came across to me was to suggest that gender, etc. was not biological in any way, that gender was something you choose. Tell that to all those transgender people who for years there most concrete defence was that gender was not a choice.

The show suggests your sexual orientation is choice, that its "fluid" and can change. OK, if that's correct, (to steal someone else's argument) whats wrong conversion therapy? And if its a choice, why does forcing people to be straight or otherwise never work? And again, doesnt that literally throw out all non-straight peoples arguments that it isn't a choice? You cant have it both ways.

And if the cartoon is anything to go by, it suggests all straight people are well.. without listing all of the words, horrible people, and its OK to pressure someone into doing something they don't want to and that conversion therapy is OK so long as your converting a straight person.

I was disappointed that the show seems to have some massive agendas, which would be fine if they weren't using it to make people believe in some massively ill-researched and unfounded suggestions.


My problem with Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse is the fact that when they are always on some MNN trying to convince people about scientific issues, He isn't teaching people how to come to their own conclusions (common problem in america but for the sake of this arguement, lets stick to the scientific issues) He only tells people "what you're being told is wrong, science proves (insert issues here).

This is no different from any other jackass on a News Network saying "I am right, you should listen to me"

This is most likely due to time restraints since on an issue such as Global warming, he doesnt have enough time in front of a camera to go over the basics from square one (what is carbon Dioxide, What are UV Rays, What is the atmosphere, What is the greenhouse effect, how does this all come together, etc, etc.)

He needs to teach people the fundamentals of the issues , THEN piece it together and let the public make their educated conclusion.



Here is the issue though.

We don't have time to coddle people any more. Educators across the world have tried to coddle people for years and it hasn't seemed to work. We need more people to actually get up and start back handing some of these morons to get them to fly straight.

We have issues that the human race will be confronted with in the next 50 years. If religious nut jobs and idiots are going to hamstring us from fixing those problems then those people stop being human beings and they become liabilities.

We are going to watch our children burn and starve because we want to be nice to people who think the world is flat and was made in 7 days.

Nope. Its fucking stupid. Bill Nye and Neil Degrass are making one last hail marry attempt at telling people to wake the fuck up before its too late.

What Nye is saying you choose your gender. Or it chooses you. Are you gay from birth? Maybe. Straight? Maybe. The issue is if your gay are you still the same sex. You will always be the same sex as of birth. But gender may change. I mean may, not absolute.

I decided to step back and watch some critique videos as well as a few episodes from the show itself. My own conclusion is that the majority of the drama are people oversimplifying and/or misrepresenting Nye to attack a convenient straw man. If the show weren't scientifically accurate we would be hearing more criticism from the scientific community. Instead our most prominent examples are layman playing armchair quarterback with logical fallacies.

The important discussion should be are the facts presented correct and truthful? To which I say almost, the facts are largely correct but the presentation muddies the message. It feels rushed. Nothing is cohesive or focused, nothing makes a lasting impression, nothing creates an epiphany. I'm sure Nye had good intentions, but the weak elements are plentiful and undermine the best segments.

Its a poorly produced show, but its mostly accurate. To argue the presentation is valid, to argue the established science is foolhardy.

It;s not about that, no one is arguing that because that's something that's been shown and studied scientifically. You are born a specific sex.

This is the thing no one is arguing sex, your born in a specific body. What bill and many others recently are arguing as you put it is that gender is "fluid" so to speak, that it isn't set in stone. In doing so there suggesting its essentially a choice, and in doing so are throwing out any argument that gender isn't a choice. The exact argument used for years by non-straight and transgendered people.

The thing is you cant have it both ways, it either isn't a choice and its set, or it is and can change. Which is it? Because the answer drastically changes the way people are perceived. If it is a choice then you being transgender is just because you feel like it not because its biologically ingrained into your brain.

Go and ask someone who is transgender or gay why they are the way they are. I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone who says that its a choice, they'll all say its because that's how they were born. i.e. not fluid, not a choice, not subject to change.

What are you talking about?

What happens if we don't sort it out now? I don't even know what issue you're talking about because, once again, you're generalizing.

It's already too late for their agenda. The people trying to do this stuff have alienated themselves by refusing to have a rational argument with anyone else about the issue. The best way to change my mind is to convince me with facts and logic, not autistic screeching, calling them a liar and "idiot."

What do you have against religion? Not really religious, more agnostic, but I'm curious what's wrong with someone believing in a higher power if it gets them through the day.

What agenda other than the future of humanity, There are no politics in play here.

Unfortunately, to get the facts and logic, it requires research and some effort to figure it out (see my above post)

I don't have a problem with religion. The problem is when religion affects the rest of us trying to move forward. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and belief. And it should stay their own.

I don't see what you are having a difficult time understanding in my first point.

Your second point is.........odd?. We have these magical things called schools. If you have passed middle school science, then you have already been given the facts and figures. I am sorry some people can't pay attention in school. Hell we even have these cool things called books and google.

We have done everything to make this information available to people. If they still want to rally against the actual scientific data, then yes. They are idiots. How many passes in life will you give people before they fly right?

The religion thing is an issue. Its not religion itself. Its more of the fall out it creates. I mean for fuck sake its 2017 and there are still schools that don't teach the theory of evolution.

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