I might have bricked my GTX 680 help!

First of all : I know i'm an idiot no need to remind me. 

I recently upgraded to windows 8 pro and I read somewhere that if you update the bios on the gtx 680 you would get windows 8 fast boot. I've got this one: https://www.asus.com/Graphics_Cards/GTX680DC2O2GD5/

So in the support section is the bios update : 

Version 1110

So when you download the update you get a little program called asusuefi . I ran the update it said everything was ok and suddenly my screen went white and audio crashed. It appeared my pc was still running fine because my logitech g19 still had its display on. Now my screen stays black at start. 

Now I have selected Igp as primary display device and the asusuefi software wont reflash because my card isnt  detected because its not my primary card anymore. My board is the asus maximus vi hero with intel 4670k . 

Can anybody help me? Maybe send me a backup of their gtx 680 uefi bios?

Thanks in advance. 

you need a different graphics card does not matter what it is maybe barrow one but put both in and reflash your 680 but use nvflash and get a proper updated bios.

I've got an EVGA 680 4GB I could send you the BIOS of, if you need it. I was actually about to flash it to a newer one.

Thank you for your reply. Im am running on intel hd graphics right now, so that counts as a different graphics card right? The asus update clearly says i cant go back from the uefi bios with the asus updates. Is it possible to go back with nvflash?  

Also can you tell me which bios i need to flash? I found this thread:


He somehow fixed it with an evga bios. 

Thank you for your reply. Do you think i can flash the asus gtx 680 2 gb version with an evga 680 4gb bios?

I wouldn't. 


Take your pick. Were your 680 a 4GB model, I love the BIOS I have now, but I don't want to further fuck up your 680.

What do you think about this one? http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/137929/asus-gtx680-2048-130226.html

That's it :)

Thank you brennanriddell and raginh4vok my card works again :):):).  I really cant tell you how happy I am. 
Nvflash pulled a 0 kb backup from its eeprom  guess it was completely erased. I flashed the rom from the link above and my card was back from the dead.

Im never touching any working bios again lol. I thought those things had 2 bios chips thats why i was so careless.