I might also buy a mac : P

I am sort of in a pickle right now.

The bottom line is I am getting ready to move. I want to sell off my x99 system and downsize to a laptop that I can plug into a external GPU for gaming.

I would like to keep the laptop below 2K and I have been debating whether or not to get the macbook pro 15 inch for 1800, or the dell xps 15 for 1600.

I just got back from best buy where I spent some time fiddling around with both laptops. I gotta say, the macbook has some really annoying quirks, but I liked it a hell of a lot more than the xps 15.

It has a 16x10 screen which I can really get a lot of use from and it has a longer battery life which is incredibly important to me.

With the xps 15 out of the way, is there any laptop that you guys would recommend below 2200 bucks that has at least a quad core processor and is very portable? (5 pounds or less)

I would check this out:

Starting at
6th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor (2.60GHz), 6MB Smart Cache
14.0” Full HD (1920x1080) IPS Matte Display
NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 970M GPU with 3GB GDDR5
4.41 LBs with Battery Pack
13.74" (w) x 9.72" (d) x 0.99" (h)

Here is a review:

Review is for the non S model

Anyone here have any personal experience with Sager?

So basically you could have a laptop with just integrated graphics and a nice display? I'm assuming that since you said you'd have an external GPU docking station if you want to play.

It would also have to have a healthy choice of ports and fast storage.

Other then that, I would say you got the idea. A nice keyboard would be the cherry on top.

Well if you have that much money to spend, you could take a look at the laptops from Razer, they're pretty good, but quite expensive...

Since your going from x99 I figure downsizing to a laptop doesn't mean having an A ultra book.. Have you checked out asus and msi s offerings on the ones that plug into extern gps.. I think they have them now