I made TailScale work...and I'm an IT Moron! :-D

Hi all,

Only wanted to share, I don’t know any tech people personally, you know, in the real world :frowning: And I know to the majority of you, this is probably childs play. To me laying blockwork or putting a roof on a house is childs play (though physically hard work), but tech stuff is difficult!

So I’ve tried a few times to make TailScale work, with little time to properly read up about it. It didn’t work the first time, but I tried again last night when I couldn’t sleep (yey, PTSD) and yet again, nope.

But I just tried again today and got it working (should have been doing paid work!) :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

So what I wanted to try:

make my truenas core available remotely (final ambition is only to allow my parents to access my Emby server (their router has limited config).

What I did:

created virtual machine on TrueNAS (Linux)

typed some things in grabbed from this website

Then went to this page to get details that worked (needed something called “Curl”)

Did other things and hey presto!

I guess my only concern now is if it’s secure enough…lack of knowledge being a dangerous thing and all. I’ve turned the VM off for now, but really chuffed it’s working.

So hopefully I can put a Pi at my parents and do the same…something to put on that “want to do when I have time” kinda things.

That’s it though, sorry if reading this made you cringe! :slight_smile:


Oh, one of the problems I had while following the instructions was an error: “E: unable to locate package”. But doing the Curl thingy seemed to fix it.

I went to the grocery (needed something called car) :slight_smile:

curl is a great tool, it’s a bit like wget, but for the cool kids :sunglasses:

Just don’t forget about the parrot!

curl parrot.live
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Haha, cheeky. :wink: You can tell tech isn’t my primary…quite easily!

Ah…so now I do Curl (hehe), that means I’m cool!!! :smiley:

I’m not even going to delve into this parrot business to which you refer…a rabbit hole for another day :slight_smile:

Depends… which one?


Yeah TailScale is pretty neat, I just don’t like being reliant on a cloud service + what a compromised TailScale infrastructure could cause.


:rofl: Closer to the latter I’d hope!

Too true about if it was compromised, though I see quite a few big companies use them (I’ve only heard), so hopefully that means care is taken with it?

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Awesome man, congrats! Do you have to pay for this or is there some kind of free tier they offer? There is a self-hosted version called Headscale you should look into where you can do every part of it yourself.


It’s free for a) personal/individual use (1 human, 1 subnet router, 20 devices, SSO/MFA)… b) friends and family type use , via GitHub.

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Cheers mate! I think @risk answer the pricing system, if I do use it, I’ll definitely pay them 5 bucks a month even if I don’t make the most of that tier. I like to support something that helps me, even from a selfish perspective, it makes logical sense to support ‘a thing’, because having to move to another provider is a lot of hassle (for me at least!).

I did see Headscale, @lawrencesystems and Jay very recently spoke about both:

I think Headscale is potentially above my capabilities for the moment, but it’s great that it exists!