I made a Special Windows 10 Podcast

Continuing the discussion from The Lounge - August 2015:

Here is a windows 10 podcast, I did:

I cover the topics of: Windows 10, Privacy, Gaming, and Pro vs Home

I did this podcast because I wanted to cover what I thought about Windows 10 in a clear way.

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I don't game, don't use cloud services to store data(and no i don't use chrome) , i use Gentoo(and mac at work, grr). But anyway that's beside the point. Your basic point boils down to, everyone else does this evil thing so it must be okay. Also, since when does a rolling release = constant system scanning? Gentoo is a rolling release yet it doesn't phone home unless i bloody well tell it to.

On the part about Ireland and Microsoft not allowing the usage of offshore data. First of all i would like to point out that this is in their interests not to allow the US of A, access to this data because of the implications on the rest of their Irish low tax business plan(which i couldn't care less about, good for Ireland) could be quite negative if they had a falling out with the Irish government which has made it quite clear that they do not want the data shared.

Anyway i spent far to long listening to your podcast, have a great day.

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@gerkinyagerkin I thank you for your reply and for stating your thoughts clearly. My main point was that we don't have enough evidence at this time about Windows 10 and how it handles privacy. I could have been clearer on stating that. With the rolling release, I do state that I glaze over something's. The example I gave about Windows 10 rolling release is based on how I think Windows 10 rolling release is handled. It is something I could have the facts wrong on.

The data actually belongs to a US email but the data is in Ireland. Your points are still valid, though.

I do state that we do need to investigate the Windows 10 Privacy issue further. Right now the only article is from Ars Technica concerning Windows 10 still sending Data even when you have options turned off. The other articles on the web so far are all quoting Ars Technica but they haven't done any investigation on their side to see if it's true or not.

It's perfectly fine for you to disagree with me on this issue. For me there is not enough evidence to think Microsoft is doing something wrong. I do think it is suspicious and needs to be looked into. I do hope that over the coming weeks that we can get to the truth about the Windows 10 Privacy.