I made a graphing library in C!


I am currently working on a graphing library in C which lets you graph the following:

  • bar charts
  • pie charts
  • line charts

here is the repository: https://github.com/FullNitrous/CGLib
the website isn’t online yet though

In the bin folder there is a out.html file which is a preview of all the graphs.

Tell me what you think!

but keep in mind i am not done so beware of bugs, improper rendering and stuff that usually isn’t there until release.

Here is a snapshot of a bar chart.


What did you use for graphics library?

none, it outputs svg files

the program only uses the standard C library


That’s really cool. Not too related, but I’ve been working on converting my Ti-84s more complex math functions over for bash, and using this as a means for graphing the output might prove interesting if I can take the output of functions and import them


This will come in useful at some point in time.
Thanks for the effort!

Oh, this already has a purpose. It’s intended to be used with my document generation program.

But yeah hope it will be as useful as possible for other projects