I’m Around, but not gone

Gotta go.

I got stuff in front of me that is a bit too much to handle.

If anyone needs me heres my contact info

Telegram: @FaunCB (taking a break but keeping it available)
Discord: Aremis#0904

I’ll be available thru Dcord but I’m trying to have tine for me.

If you want a reason, I keep trying to do something here and I end up watching youtube all day. I got shit to do.

I’m out

PLL go eat a steak you fuckin soyboy


A revision.

I’m Around, but not gone. Actually I can’t not log in and check at least the lounge honestly. Someone stated a while ago they gave up FB for here, and I think we all kinda get why. We jive, at least on some level. We like similar things and provoke each other to think. An interesting relationship through a little web portal, but a portrayal of skill and prowess nonetheless.

I am proud of this little forum for surviving its own bullshit. I feel bad for other parties, but after learning about some things, I’ve learned to let go of shit. TS was a meme.

Fucking Eugene dude, what a legend. Abandons motherfuckers in a lightning storm on a mountain to race to the top to play a game of quake to set a record but ignores the record and just wants to be in the 1v1 quake match at the top of the mountain with metal shit happening.

Fuckin Eugene,

Sorry I really wanna share that I find that hilarious

As of now I am trying to get my IRL shit unbullshitted. Theres a lot going on relationship wise that I can’t exactly dive into, but I managed to topple a pile of bullshit back onto some people. Whether or not this lasts, who knows, however I won’t be staying in Michigan long.

I have a plan to move cross states to Washington. As of now a lot of my forum stuff is being flipped, and I am taking this seriously again, not so much bullshitting but I won’t be here all the time any more. At least in a serious capacity. I have projects I want done, and some of them I still have.

I have a studio. I have a drop cam, I have a build table. I am working on a NAS of some sort, and I will be running some things with it (BBS included by the way). I will have a setup where I will be able to look at hardware, test it ItsMyNaturalColor style, be able to show faults, and be able to both video document and actually document hardware for the L1 Laptop Reclaim Project. Granted this is in Michigan and I am not staying here, but FTMP I am focusing solely on that project. Moving won’t be an immediate thing, but I will be able to within a few months.

ATM I am focusing on stability shit for family and getting some other crap arranged, and I want to start working on some video stuff soon. My one quarrel is I want it to be helpful in some way, not just another cable channel you can flip through. However I do owe the forum some things, as well as myself. Even just for fun.

I have an NVME drive mount now. I want to test NVME on all sorts of platforms to see if it works and if machines are faster with it or if they’ll have issues. Maybe make some mods later on IDK. I have my PC from when I was a kid I need to rebuild. I have some servers I want to make posts about. Hell I have an X79 board and a bunch of random GPU’s. I want to get a VM framework up and running on a mac pro so I can use 2 nics for a firewall and show people how to do it as fast as possible ( [blank] AFAP e.g. title series ). And I ESPECIALLY want to take my old posts and bring them to video format as, thats kinda what I was doing but in forum post form, and when I get stuck video wise I plan to just go back and use those as a script.

Not a horrible idea right?

For now I got errands to run. I need to get some shit cleaned up tonight and to see if my PS3 still works.

Yall have fun