I love Starcraft II

Is anyone else obsessed with this game? I bought it a year ago with the expansion, but just got into the multiplayer. Now I am obsessed. I even watch the pro games. it is just, well, perfect. 


Is anyone else crazy about this one?

I used to play it to death. In November I stopped simply because I was playing it so much it would interfere with my schoolwork.

In my opinion, it's by far the most interesting game to be watched at a pro level. Just the sheer amount of mechanical skill doesn't seem to be matched in any other game I can think of.

it is one of my favorites but I dont have any time for it these days.

I was super into the original/broodwar, and I liked WC3 quite a bit too.  So when I got the opportunity to beta test WoL, I jumped at it.  Played everyday for months.  Sadly, when the game actually went live, I was kinda burned out lol.  But I've still played it off and on.  It's a great game and I love it, but I don't play very often.  I do sometimes think about getting back into it though, but it's sort of like Skyrim.  A massive time sucker.

I dont play it much anymore but I love watching it. Like Morgoth780 said it is the most interesting game to watch at a pro level. I could watch SC2 all day. 

i enjoy watching pro matches too. there really is alot of subtleties to this game. pretty amazing work by blizzard.

I have never done this. What language is it like?