I lost all faith in build a pc

I posted something exposing how nvidia had lied to their customers there much like i did here.

I presented FACTS and things nvidia has admited themselves.

Everyone in that sub downvoted me and insulted me.

I have unsubbed to that sub reddit and will never return again , i was trying to inform and help people and they spitted in my face.

This is what i had to say:


You guys were more supportive and rational about this , kudos to the tech syndicate community.


should have posted in the teksyndicate sub haha

Didnt know we had one.

Good ridance anyways , build a pc is full of nvidia fanboys.

What a rats nest.


Dude, im sorry to say, but dude it's the internet, not everyone is a rational, and is willing to listen to your points, you can scream off the top of your lungs, Nvidia sucks, and give valid reasons for it, but that's not going to stop people from buying their cards, if you feel a certain type of way about something, just don't purchase their products again, (assuming you bought Nvidia GPU's before) there is many reasons to dislike a company, whether it's AMD or Nvidia, what is important, is the stuff they are doing bothering you to the point where you can't get something done cause of it, whether it's work, or productivity. the beauty of technology world, is that there are always options.

Thing is they arent opinions.

Nvidia lied , now whether you think this is a ok thing to do or not is your personal prerogative.

The fact of the matter is they lied.

Yea, the same thing happens when you recommend an AMD cpu in some places.

When you put out an idea or opinion that doesn't match 100% someone else's they think you're attacking them or their group, even if you're not and the ideas may even not be ideologically opposed... people are dumb.

some people in the tech community remind me way too much of vtec fanboys. they act like comany I and N have some sort of magical unicorn fart juice that automatically makes their products better regardless of stats and real world tests.

i think the primary problem is the lack  of chipset mnfg's. if only we could convince one of the many ARM mobile companies to make desktop hardware.......

I never understood the crusader like valour that people get over companies like this. They are huge faceless multinationals. They don't give a fuck about you. They don't need defending. 

This is and always has been reddit as a whole. It's an echo chamber. The entire time this fiasco was flying around they were saying stupid shit like "HAHA WHO BUYS A 4GB CARD AND EXPECTS TO USE IT ALL ANYWAYS RIGHT GUYS??" and "PFF WHO CARES STILL BEST CARD I GOT MUH MUNNEYS WORTH". 

This is why you don't use reddit. 

Tbh I don't like or use reddit either. 

Those people are morons , what NVIDIA did is criminal plain and simple.

The 970 is still a good performer but for that price or cheaper i would recommend a 290x since it actually has 4 GB of VRAM.

This is a case study in false advertisement and i hope nvidia is sued up their ass if they dont do anything to rectify this situation.

Those people don't understand that even thought the card performs well for the money thats not the fucking issue , they issue is the moral bankruptcy going on on nvidia.

we brothers up in here

not just tech, all things need competition, so we can decide what we like. Freedom. Merica.

Tek Syndicate is best tech forum, by far.


BuildAPC has always been biased and has made shitty recommendations when other products are cheaper or better. Some products they recommend are really old or a better and cheaper product is out yet they still recommend it.

reddit is only good for porn and viral shit

Ya I just found out the Bios was programmed to report 64 ROP's and not 56 ROP's. I don't think Nvidia's PR team would have any reason to program the card Bios. I am leaning toward this was intentional. 

Having said that not the first time a tech company is told lies about a product. The tech reviewers are out there still reporting that it works well. But I would not recommend it for anything other than a 1080 and 1440 card now. And AMD is coming out with new cards soon. I always recommend on results.

This reminds me back in the day with Sony Playstation. They where telling everyone the Playstation could do 2 million polygons. In realistic gaming it was only around 230 thousand. Than PS 2 they did the same thing. And said something out there like 50 million. I am just now surprised when stuff like this happens.  

No doubt the most rational and clear headed person i have found so far.