I know zero about programing but need something I can learn to solve a problem

I learn things best by having a problem to solve. I have that problem, but I am not sure what programing language can help. I work with a program called Epicor Eagle via a remote connection. This program has the ability to do mass uploads on a lot of data, but there are a few instances where you have to input one at a time manually. I am hoping to create a program that can look at a spreadsheet and input information for me automatically. I was thinking about trying to learn Python, but I have no idea if Python can do what I am looking to do, or even if what I am thinking is the right way to go about it. Any input would be appreciated.

I’m not super familiar with Epicor Eagle, it appears to be some kind of retail software. When you ay you’re working via a remote connection, how do you mean? Do you have a remote session with the Epicor Eagle server via something like ssh, or does it have a web UI that you’re interacting with?

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If it’s a fat client type app (all hosted on the box you’re connecting to) you might have the ability to load data directly into whatever database system the software is using.

Small edit: point of this is that sql queries tend to be a bit easier to learn.

You are correct, Epicor Eagle is a retail software that my clients use to manage POS and Inventory. I connect to their server via Remote desktop manager from devolutions. not sure what an SSH is.

I believe you are right about doing SQL Queries, but I do not have access to do that and the company does not want to give me access. They Can probably do what you are saying, but would charge me to do it and I would have to wait for them to schedule it. Like most project companies, everything in mine is a rush.

There are gui testing tools that can read a screen with ocr looking for text elements and then simulate moving the mouse and typing… it’s all very fiddly.

(Example of one such tool: https://automatetheboringstuff.com/2e/chapter20/ )

Why not do a mass upload every time? Do they have an API for that?

Ah, this is why programming has always been just too much for me. I mean I took courses, I can understand a small variety of programming languages like C, C++, a bit of PHP, and a bit of C#. It still gets me overwhelmed when it comes to resolving a problem or giving tips.

Python can do this.

you can spit your file to a pandas dataframe (can also use openpyxl), toss that into a list then increment through the values and do the work with os.system or subprocess in the command line

I would suggest watching a few youtube vids by sentdex on how to use pandas, he’s got some great easy tutorials in his library

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Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think something like this might be a little much if you don’t know anything about programming. It’s kind of hard to learn how APIs work when you’re still working to remember what a for loop is.