I know there some nice guys out there

Well i have a gaming pc and my friend just built his. He just spent 600 bucks on his rig, but he is left with no games. He enjoys fps and often plays counter strike global offensive at my house. i would of loved to buy him cs go but due to the conditions i am in i am unable to purchase him a game yet alone me. i was wondering if anybody in the forums might have a spare cs go key they can spare him so he can have at least 1 game to play. His steam ign is FabricioViolence. I would really appreciate if anyone could really help him out.

just wait a bit, Valve puts CS:GO up on sale for like 2 or 3 bucks every couple months.

There's always Team Fortress 2, or any of the other free to play game available on steam.  There's plenty of good f2p games on there.


wait for a sale. it happens often for CS:GO. Add it to your wish list so you get an update email when that happens. it's not that expensive a game. you may be able to wait a few weeks and afford it anyway. just skip a few starbucks lattes and such.

in the mean time, play team fortress 2, etc...