I know the Tek is Hardware but

I would LOVE to see them do some software reviews, Manly Virus and malware, Maybe even a backup software review. Think not only would a review be nice of the software, but a How To video would be handy. Remind users that scanning Windows in safe mode is about the most effective, and how to get Windows into safe mode itself.

With backup software, Showing people how to use it, and getting Windows with a EUFI to boot from both a DVD and USB. I realize most that visit the site are pretty hardcore geeks, Just think the average user is getting left out. Now let me put on my "Flame Jacket" and get ready to get blasted.........

they used to have software tutorials. MaxHacks did it, but I think he's no longer with the Tek. Also they do occasional reviews on software but they focus mainly on hardware. I guess busy schedules and lots of hardware that they need to review gets them pinned. 

Well, manly virus and malware is a bit expensive compared to it's feminine counterpart, so I think it may be hard for them to get their hands on it. Seriously, though; I do like the idea of a software segment of some sort. Since there is always a company out there claiming to be the next best thing, I would trust Tek Syndicate to give me an idea of which one is telling the truth.

I think with the software, the Free version option would be the best. While looking for a back up solution, I was really shocked at how many free options there were.

With anti virus and malware besides scaning in safe mode, I wonder how many remember to turn off system restore while scanning??

I do understand the guys and gals are really busy, Just think software is something I would truly like to see the Tek evolve a bit and add that information to its arsenal.

Scanning in safe mode is good for getting rid of the obvious infections and nasty buggers that can interfere with your scans.  It's also good for removing the bloat on a badly infected computer.  However, running in safe mode will often miss a number of malware/virus infections simply because of what programs and services are are disabled in safe mode etc.  You should always follow safe mode scans with normal mode scans and manual pruning.  Some things will only be picked up in normal mode. 

Honestly, if a computer is infected badly enough that you feel the need to boot into safe mode to run a scan (and aren't willing to just reformat), I'd either run scans from a linux boot stick or toss the HDD into an external enclosure and run some remote scans first.  There are a few infections out there than can do some nasty things when you boot into safe mode.  Best to do a sweep before hand.  It also helps speed up the process on badly infected systems.

Just a heads up.


If they want to do some software reviews/tutorials, I think that would be good.  They already do some of that with stuff like the FreeNAS tut, Dxtory/OBS tut, emulator tuts etc.  So expanding that a bit wouldn't be a bad idea, given they have the time lol.

many, many +1s  ... too lazy to do the math right now ...lol

I'd like to see a hacking/security segment. One where maybe they discuss a hack, how to perform it, how to defend it, and the necessary components to performing and defending it.

Oh I agree with the safe mode scan. My apologies for not expressing that right. I use safe mode just once in a while to see if there is something new hiding. While I don't use system restore, it is wise to shut that off while performing a scan. I think I recall seeing a article that even Microsoft is saying use something other that windows defender for Protection. Someone PLEASE correct me if I am wrong on that fact.

Long ago I found a really nice free, easy to use network monitor. I always thought and wondered if something of that nature would be useful to see if some hacker has, or is attempting to access and or use your computer for bad intentions. For the life of me, I can not recall what the name of it was. Just a simple program that would monitor your network, and give you a warning that something or someone could be trying to access your computer.  

Wouldn't mind a dash of software here in there as long as hardware is always the priority