I just ordered Fostex 50trp MK3... How push?

I don't know if I fell for the hype train or not. I purchased them anyways. I have a SMSL SD793-II dac. Am I going to need extra power to push the 50rp MK3s? My current headphones are the AKG K240s and I do love them. I like to think of myself as a budding audio dude. My current set up for them is good or at least I think it does.

TLDR; Recommendations for pushing Fostex 50rp MK3s on the cheap.

How cheap we talking?

Zeos has a lot of reviews,and MK3's are very hard to drive.Looks like you are gonna have to invest a little bit more buddy.

Zeos is where I first heard about them. From that exact video. I trust him and I think his reviews are legit. He said they were impossible to power at first but then redacted and said it wasn't as bad as he made it. He is the reason I bought my SMSL. I thought it was life changing.

Behindthetimesgamer: I don't know. Honestly probably the sub 100 dollars or as close to 100 dollars as possible. I might be able to come up with more down the line. I was looking at Schitt offerings.