I just installed my frist Linux

I'm really happy to say that I just installed my first Linux Ubuntu and I love it.


Congrats ! Remember just take your time and research things you wanna do with it.

I am looking into Wine for dragon naturally speaking software and a text to speech reader.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, why not just use one of the speech to test programs on linux?

Natural reader has natural sounding voices. i don't know of any on ubuntu.

Nice one. Linux is pretty cool when you get into it. I'm still learning myself and it can be really frustrating to get things done at times but it is well worth it once you get the hang of things.

Here is a handy pdf book/guide to help you along. http://linux-training.be/linuxfun.pdf

It covers everything from installing Linux, working with files, commands in the terminal, using vi, scripting, regular expressions and user management. It's aimed at novice Linux system administrators (aka computer enthusiasts).


Thank you and thank you for the link.

watching youtube videos i get screen taring and runescape runs slow on ubuntu.

Does your computer have dedicated graphics?

I installed Ubuntu-gnome 2 days ago and i didnt like the gnome and tomorrow i will switch to Xubuntu (xfce)

As someone who has recently started venturing out into the world of linux, that guide is golden.
Thanks a bunch.

the computer has a apu a-10 7300 on a laptop.

Are you using the propitiatory drivers? I have an A-10 in my laptop too and found that the open source drivers didn't have the screen tearing issues. Although I'd really like to know a better solution.

Ah sorrybi can't help you much when it comes to apus(I've never even owned one!).

I tried both open source and the propitiatory drivers. the open source seems to be better.