I just had a revelation!

Due to the fact that I have spent the past 5 hours in frustration over the fact that it is next to impossible to install Windows on a PC without have access to an optical drive, I finally realized that Windows a complete and utter pile of steaming shit. So on that note, I am currently wiping every hard drive on every device in my household in preparation to converting myself into a purebred Linux user. What are some good, user friendly-distros that my family could learn to use for basic web-browsing and word processing?

Also a good distro for myself that I can use for gaming and that type of advanced usage goodness.


YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ISO PRIOR TO USING THAT APPLICATION. Which is where the problem comes in. I have a Win7 installation disc, and not a single optical drive in my home. Therefore, I cannot create an iso.

Unless I buy Windows again and download the iso from their site.

really? is that hard to find? http://www.w7forums.com/threads/official-windows-7-sp1-iso-image-downloads.12325/

or just get it from other tormediums is not that hard to get

Oh well, Linux is superior either way. This is not the only problem I have had with Windows, it is a constant headache for me.

after i spend all night installing steamOS  in a no uefi system and now i have to deal with the wifi drivers... linux right now is not on top of my list :P good luck

Zorin and Linux Mint are new user friendly in my opinion. Zorin will look the most like Windows so it won't be too hard for your family to adjust. Zorin comes pre-loaded with Wine and PlayOnLinux so most Windows programs will work. http://zorin-os.com/free.html Download it there. 


If anyone recommends Arch again I'm gonna freak out..

I've done full installs of different Linux OS's in less than 10 minutes. Steam OS is in the very very early stages of it's release. Give it a few months and it will install very easy. 

I installed Zorin on my fiancees laptop who had up to that point only used Windows. She didn't have any problems getting used to Zorin. 

That iso did not work with the Windows USB tool. "failed to copy your files"

Manjaro, Ubuntu, Mint or maybe fedora don't ask just try and see :) have fun!