I just got A Dell Precision T5600 Motherboard and Idk how to power it

I searched online that this motherboard has a proprietary 24-pin connector for the mbo power and for the front panel I have not found anything.
If some of you has made a pc/server with this motherboard and a standard psu pls leave a comment. I don’t want to burn it :expressionless:
Edit: I did a custom cable for the standard psu to what is this motherboard supposed to have, but the psu turns on (the cooler of the psu turns on) and idk if the mbo also turns on since i do not know where the power buton pins are

You can buy adapters on eBay for the 8pin which may be better than your custom job, depends how well yours works. Search for optiplex 8pin ATX adapter

The I/o panels are on a custom board. Again take a look on eBay they are around $10.

Both these reasons are why I avoid Dells!

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