I just died a little on the inside. (AC Infinity)

Ace Combat Infinity has been announced to be PS3 only (no big deal) and its F2P (big deal).

Im dissapointed? I probably feel this way because of the stigma F2P carries along with it. Like, the blocking of basic features, buying game currency feels like paying bills, Pay to Win, inclusion of cash items only etc. I dont even like when they have "insert word that means its only for looks (brain fart)" because... thats not really special? All you did was buy it, not earn it.


Im still recovering from Assault Horizon and the new Front Mission... i cant take anymore of these Japanese devs trying to appeal to americans, when they need to appeal to gamers. This may be the last nail in the coffin for the series, at least for me.

I just stay away from F2P games and MMOs with mandatory subs all together.

The only F2P game I'll be interested in trying next is Survarium.

I hate pay 2 win games. The falken's probably gonna costs something like $20