I Have Reconsidered My Adblocking Options, But There's Still A Problem (Updated 12-03-2020)

[Originally posted from the Linus Tech Tips/LTT forum since I didn’t get much help there. I figured maybe somone more knowledgeable might be able to help me out here.]

Title pretty much states it- ever since my last post I made here, I have reconsidered my adblocking options. I have officially decided I won’t try to make my own adblocker unless it comes down to it & I haven’t any options left. With that being said, I have found that AdBlocker Ultimate is a great adblocker I have come to absolutely LOVE! It’s great at adblocking while having a simple-to-use interface & it’s even light when it comes to system usage! But there is 1 little issue if I want to use it on my other browsers: I can’t use the newer version (3.7.6) specifically on both Yandex & Opera GX. ! :slightly_frowning_face: You’re probably wondering why. According to the response I received yesterday from the AdBlocker Ultimate team, they say they’ve been having issues with both Opera and Yandex stores updates. They also said that they have been trying to update the extension for other smaller stores/extension catalogs, but it just hasn’t happened yet. I’m wondering if Opera is to blame for this since I haven’t heard anything from them yet? :thinking:

I did make a post on the Opera forum about this, but I really didn’t receive as many responses or feedback as what I thought I would have. You can view my Opera forum post here: https://forums.opera.com/topic/44952/adblocker-ultimate-3-7-6-not-working-properly-after-installing-full-details-included But it did get me to wondering afterward if maybe I can use the latest version of AdBlocker Ultimate in both browsers without any issues. I assume it could be possible even though I’m no expert by far. I would probably guess that some tweaking to the extension’s code or maybe the browser’s might enable this to work…? Either way, I’m hoping this could be possible to get it working! If anyone here can help me or if you know of anything, do drop me a line & we can talk! Same thing goes if you have any questions you might need to ask.

This post in of itself is a great idea I think, but I hope it won’t be wasted or in vain on my part. :roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help! :smiley:

AFAIK, they are both based on Chromium, so you should be able to install the extension from source.

  1. clone the code
    git clone https://github.com/adblockultimate/AdBlocker-Ultimate-for-Chrome.git
    From https://github.com/adblockultimate/AdBlocker-Ultimate-for-Chrome
  2. Open up the extensions option page
  3. Click load unpacked, and select the folder you cloned the code to.

Interesting. Do you happen to know if this will work for both browsers or not? BTW, thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

I have no clue if it will work properly. I don’t use either browser, I much prefer to use stock chromium, because it is open source, and I’d prefer to keep extra tracking to a minimum.


I understand. BTW, I haven’t really used GitHub that much at all, but just to confirm, is the extension version offered on this link 3.7.6? Just want to be sure since that’s the latest version out there.

If you are looking into developing extensions, it is a good idea to learn about the structure of them.

For chromium extensions, there is a manifest.json file that contains metadata, including the version of the extension. Take a look and see if you can find the version in the manifest file on github:

Yeah, it looks like it is 3.7.6. Not sure if I’ll actually ever try my hand at making my own extension, but I’m DEFINITELY going to give this a shot! Wish me luck!

A question out of curiosity. Why Opera and Yandex and why AdBlocker Ultimate?

AdBlocker Ultimate because it’s a fantastic adblocker that I’ve really come to love & appreciate! Opera GX & Yandex simply because they are unique chromium-based browsers that I thoroughly enjoy as well. Everyone will have different tastes, after all. :wink:

why not firefox with ublock origin?

ps: how about brave?


I already use Brave for certain things & find it fairly adequate, but do remember I use more than 1 browser for my pc. As for Firefox & uBlock Origin, I have used both before, but Firefox just isn’t my type of browser esp with how they are lagging behind chromium-based browsers. uBlock Origin is a great adblocker IMO, don’t get me wrong- I just find the UI a little too cluttered for my liking.

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I decided to give you guys an update: I know in my post I stated rather clearly that I was hoping someone could provide me with the extension code for both Opera GX & for Yandex. (If the newer version can & will work in both browsers that is.) What I didn’t realize is that after looking over the comments again, the code & steps that @TheCakeIsNaOH provided are for if I’m using Google Chrome.

I know this is a long shot, but I figured I could give it another shot & see if anyone can actually help me out with this. BTW, I also submitted an issue (more stated like a request though) to see if anyone on GitHub might be able to do anything. That was 6 days ago & I haven’t heard anything since then. Here is the link if anyone wishes to view the issue/request I put out there: A Request I Wish To Make… · Issue #2 · adblockultimate/AdBlocker-Ultimate-for-Chrome (github.com)

I feel like I’m shooting blanks on this topic, but I am trying as I prefer to cut down on the amounts of ads I encounter every day. Surely someone out there is knowledgeable or even experienced enough to help. It just seems like I haven’t found that person/group of people yet. Also, just yesterday I did submit another complaint email to Opera about this since I didn’t get any response whatsoever to my 1st complaint email. We’ll just have to see if they take the bait after I’ve fired my 2nd shot to them.

Anyway, hope someone can help & you know the drill: if you need more details or wish to ask me anything, ask away & I’ll be sure to fill you in! Thanks in advance if anyone else chooses to reach out! :slight_smile:

They are for for any chromium based browser that does not lock down extensions too hard.

So google chrome included, chromium itself, edge, opera, etc.

Maybe, but my Uncle told me the other day that modifying the code you provided simply wouldn’t work as this is for Chrome & not any of the other chromium-based browsers. (He’s worked in IT before & is a software developer, but I try not to bother him as his work is rather demanding these days.)

That is simply not true.

I just tested it, and it works on stock chromium, and on new MS Edge.

Enabled chromium:

Disabled chromium:

Enabled edge:

Disabled edge:

I’m not saying that it will work on every chromium-based browser ever, but your uncle is wrong that it will only work on Chrome.

It’s not really my place to tell you what browsers to use. But if it was me and I’d wanted something to “jest wurk” I’d be using Brave. It’s default settings are sane. And if I was really crazy about blocking unknown code running in my browser, I’d be using Firefox with:

  • NoScript
  • uMatrix
  • uBlockOrigin (just in case I get too frustrated and temporary disable the previous 2, which doesn’t happen almost at all)
  • Decentraleyes
  • PrivacyBadger
  • PrivacyPossum
  • Firefox’s Facebook Container

If you are more of an activist about ads and don’t want the absolute royal PITA of dealing with default deny policies of the extensions above, just try out AdNauseam. I stopped using it because, while I love the idea of auto-ad-clicking, I just don’t like the idea of rando code running in my browser anymore (in AdNauseam, the ads are blocked and hidden, it’s just a special “click notification” being sent to the ad server, the ad isn’t loaded on your computer).

If you really are insane about security and don’t want to make your browser finger-printable by filling it with extensions (which is why Brave is so good), make your own DNS and block sites at the DNS level (this method also works on all browsers and even on things that don’t have adblockers, like consoles and tvs). If you are even more conscious about your security, on top of the previous thing, block ports 80 and 443 network-wide and make a proxy server and only allow websites based on manual white-listing (default deny policy).

Look, I’m perfectly aware that will work in Chrome, Chromium, & Edge. I was talking about “Chromium-based” browsers, like Yandex, Opera, etc.

Edge IS chromium based these days.

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Good suggestions/advice, but I think I’ll either stick with trying to get AdBlocker Ultimate working in both browsers or just waiting until both Opera & Yandex get their act together regarding their extensions catalogs & hopefully stand up to the competition they’re facing. I’ll admit I *was * thinking of building my own adblocker, but I have never ever coded before or built any sort of software from scratch. But thanks anyway for your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Not to be rude, but it doesn’t seem like you’re aware of the OTHER chromium-based browsers out there like I mentioned earlier. Why is it that some people just misunderstand me?! :angry: :man_facepalming:t2: