I have problems

i hav to problems, the first is that my motherboard is the asrock fatality edition and it only has usb 3.0 headers on it, i hav an odl case which is the haf 932 and it only has usb 2.0 in the fornt pannel, is there an adapter where i can connect usb 2.0 front pannel connector to a usb 3.0 header?

my other problem is that everytime i use a flashplayer application every now ans then the whole screen will freeze for a min then it will like reset and an error message will appear sayin that the windows display driver ahd stopped responding but has recovered, it get really annoying, i hav tired updating drivers, i took some yoga classes, i changed the ram, cpu and video card and monitor and i seem to keep haivng the same problem, please advice.

the falality has 2.0 headers, theor on the bottom of the mobo, and are labeled


have you re-installed flash?

may need to re-install windows

i forgot to mention tht i also hav a multi card reader and it also has 2 usb ports, its the ultra 3, the mother board only has 2 usb 2.0 headers, i need 3 more, it has a ton of usb 3.0 headers.

each header runs 2 ports, and as far as I know, no such adapter exists, but usb 2.0 cards are fairly inexpensive

proffesional, i tried reinstalling both using different versions, the only thing i havn changed is the psu, is a coolermaster gx 750


yes i kno that motherboard has 2 headers, ive used those up one for the cae usb and one for the card reader, i need one more fo rthe case and one more for the other 2 usb port that come in the card reader, .... wat yu mean usb card?