I have lost interest in gaming and I dont know what to do

I understand your feeling. When I am not in the mood for games and don’t have interest in it I just take a break and just don’t play games.
After some time the need comes naturally. It may take any time from a week to almost a year. Usually I don’t play a lot of AAA games. Lately I am playing a game that was released in 2011
and found that the group of people you are playing with is really important. The community I got into is nice and the banter during games is enjoyable.

If you are feeling burnt out of PC games switch the medium. Go for the table top side of gaming. Find 3-4 friends you enjoy the company of and find a board game all of you would enjoy.

I am in the same boat as you in regards to E3. Plus lately the developers hold their own events which are somewhat more interesting.

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I blame Dark Souls and Skyrim…
They are good, well made games. Since then, any badly made game is just bad. So yeah…
BTW both Skyrim and Dark Souls (1) are in my personal top 5 ever made ever in the history of ever… So I can always pretty much play them…
My point was, that modern gaming really is poop… It’s massive poop having another poop on top of it as a hat… But there is more than modern gaming.

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The only reason I enjoy games is for that ART of creating them.
I don’t play to beat them, I play to have a look around.
I am spending more time teaching myself to create 3D objects than gaming.

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Can relate in many ways, more and more i see myself coming back to the titles of older generations, old PC classics, even some PS3 and PS2 games from time to time.
As i’ve said in the lounge a few months ago, the major online titles of today definitely aren’t my cup of tea, the only current online game i enjoy is Quake Champions and i don’t have anybody else to play it with me, most of my friends either quit gaming in general or are tied to PUBG, Fortnite, LOL or DotA 2.
And E3, meh, i don’t even know the dates anymore, don’t even bother to search for new titles to play and most of the time i just wait around until they get to a very low price so i don’t blow my money all at once.

I think we have all been there @strykerzr350. Take a break and look at other interests you have. Try to give them a real chance otherwise it won’t work. As for new games coming out are you looking at itch.io and other places that are not AAA game makers for stuff? If not then seriously get on that and you surely should find something else interesting to play. Also I have to ask who are you playing with? Are you playing with real life friends and family? If not then that likely is something that is making you bummed out about gaming as I sure as hell know it does that to me. Finally have you any interest in streaming games? At times I have done it and it has made it more interesting even if I am not doing it the way I want to totally. I had one decent conversation while streaming recently and it made the gaming experience more fun. Anyway whatever happens going forth whether it be with or without gaming I hope you have fun and so on.

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As others have stated been mostly playing old games every once in awhile. Mostly been learning more modren C++. Yeah, C++ 2003 doesn’t really work that well now and it has changed so much recently that I have been having to re-learn it so been going with 2014 with 2017 support. Also doesn’t help that they seemed to have added half a million new things and things that do things slightly different and those differences are there for a reason.

But I have been burned out on video games for awhile now, Games like Salt and Torchlight 2 I can still play but too many good games that would have been great games if they had Multiplayer in them. Then the decent games that were in development that either got worse or got played to much and by the time that they got finished and were a lot better so no one really wants to play them multiplayer, that or a large amount of what you know after spending 40+ hours on it doesn’t apply anymore.
So most my time now is working on old tech and practicle pursuits that can be of use. Got a 1987 IBM model M 122 key terminal keyboard that I got an adapter for to work, then I modded it to ps/2, now I’m waiting on parts too convert it internally to ps/2. Couple days ago started rebuilding a 1996 PC to use for retro gaming. Figure if I’m going to play DOS games I might as well do it on a DOS/Win95 machine so I’m not making games harder with latency issues, that and there were some great Windows 3/95/98 only games that I still want to play Like Castle of the Winds. Used to think the latency wasn’t an issue until I started playing Quake again.

I kinda feel ya.

I personally also totally lost interests in playing new games for a pretty long time allready.
The only games that i still enjoy are the older retro games.
Because those were still pure and never really get me bored.
i even fireup my Wii to play retro super mario or zelda games or what not.
The problem with new games today is that they are pretty much the same games released over and over again, with just a different coat.

Some newer games that i still play from time to time are simulation games like City skylines or Roller coaster tycoon and such.
However even on the Tycoon series i still prefer to play the original older ones.
Like Transport Tycoon deluxe for example, which nowdays is remastered in an open source project Open TTD.

Also one the things i just dont like about modern gaming,
is that everyting is pretty much based on online platform like steam, origin and microsoft.
The cool days that you exally could go to a shop and buy a game on physical media are pretty much over.
And that is something that made me turn away from modern gaming also.
Back in the days you boaght a game, and wenn you got bored,
you go to a second hand game store and exchange it for something else.
Those where the cool days of gaming.
Nowdays its all digital platforms that you need to register for and all that crap.
THat just turns me off really.

And then i dont even start talking about Microsoft Windows10 and DX12 that you get forced to, wenn you want to play the newest games in the future.
Yeah i know Linux gaming is sorta kinda starting to going somewhere.
But yeah its still a pain for the most part that i cant be bothered with really.


I agree so much MisteryAngel.

My relaxation therapy game is Far Cry Primal (hiking simulator 10,000BC). I changed my email address and Ubisoft took a month of haggling with customer support before they agreed to change the email on my account. And it still didn’t work. I gave up on Uplay and resorted to pirating a game that I paid $60 for 3 years ago. I lost my 3 y/o save and had to start over. Not that I was trying to win, I just wanted to go virtual hiking.

Then there is your point of - How many FPS games do I need?

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What do you mean? EA haven’t released their battle royal FPS game with micropayments for each bullet yet…


Yeah Far Cry is a pretty nice game series.
But like you said, the platform behind it makes it just suck so bad.
Online platforms like that just turn me off from modern gaming really.

Yeah well they are pretty much all the same thing nowdays…

For me, learning programming has more than satisfied the brain crunch I always enjoyed from gaming. Gaming can sate many desires, but I have all but lost interest in puzzles, platformers, etc, in favor of learning to code. Don’t get me wrong, I hit a game hard for maybe a couple weeks every 6-10 months, but in the meantime, coding feels more productive. Of course I am not a real developer so a pro may feel quite differently.

What drives me insane is its a single player game and you can’t play at all unless you are connected. What’s up with that?

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Gotta disagree. Even though it was about 20 years ago, I still remember sticking it to the dragon Firkraag in Baldur’s Gate 2 with Carsomyr. Almost didn’t make it.

I remember a certain character’s suicide attempt from ‘Life is Strange’ vividly, though I can’t really say whether it will be with me 20 years from now.

It can be argued whether gaming is ‘useful’, but it can certainly create lasting memories.

I’m not playing anything at all these days. Games collecting dust, Steam games just sitting on my hard drive. When I beat Far Cry 3 was back in February.

My problem with Skyrim is that game was the one that jaded me. When I got in 2011 for the Xbox 360, that was all I ever played. Woke up Skyrim, went to bed playing Skyrim, Lunch time, Skyrim. Cross platforms I have 6000 hours logged. That game never left my disc drive on the Xbox 360 I missed out on a lot of good games since then.

Got really depressed when they stopped making canon DLC and updated the game.

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We could make a real world game like irl and stuff where people do stuff with things and compete against other people doing stuff with things?

Sounds like you met the end of a hobby. Not much you can do here besides try to respark a passion or moving on.

Have you thought about trying to spend your free time doing something else? Doesnt have to be like full on blacksmithing. Could be anything from writing, painting, animations, etc. Just need to find something todo that can get the mind thinking.

Haha. I did that just last year. Again. With a super cheesy dual class fighter/mage and the rest of the party.

It’s still mental masturbation though. It doesn’t achieve anything other than entertainment, much like masturbation.

I keep seeing so much praise for skyrim and the elder scrolls series in general. I just never clicked with it. Tried, multiple times, never lasted more than an hour playing any of them.

Baldurs gate 1/2, icewind dale 1/2, and Dragon Age: Origins on the other hand…

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Arma is my nature simulator :smile:

This is what I’m not a big fan of. It’s why I liked Deus ex it had a story and a pretty decent one.

City skilines is fun. Theres something about the original tycoon games I think, newer ones don’t seem to fit well for whatever reason.

I like gog for this. Though I’m a little worried that they have decided to kind of stop supporting Linux. There’s no online account required to play games except to initially buy them. There got galaxy app is optional.

Physical games though is why I like buying physical copies of switch games. But even that has issues now in that some games don’t fit and you have to (automatically) download half the game when you put the cart in.

It’s getting there. And mostly painless for a lot of games, but I’m not gonna disagree it still has its weak spots. Feodra apparently allows one click enabling of rpmfusion now… so that’s something.

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I agree with this. They are way too addictive when the ball starts rolling.

Basically, the genre you like is fucked up