I have just entered the GETA 3day game jam

So I just entered a videogame jam, hosted by a newly formed game studio.

I have a plan this time around. The jam have a theme poll and I voted. I can deal with any of the themes as long as Alchemy doesn’t win…
I can manage to twist the design I have in mind to fit the alchemy theme, but the issue there, is that the art will be complete crap.

The idea is to make a card game with robots. An SD card game if you will. That can fit story or gameplay wise every other theme but the alchemy. I can make the same mechanics with elements and spells and use alchemy, but robots can be just squares and stuff… Drawing people turns out is really hard…


Didn’t you just do this last year. Lol.

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No, I just did this 2 weeks ago :smile:
I need to get in the mindset of progress and finishing stuff.
Game jams are fast, require no polish, just raw he mechanics and design.
And I get my name out there, so at the end I will have some kind of audience whenever I finally finish my passion project and decide to sell it…
Ah, also it’s fun… Remember that? Fun? I need some. 2018 was a generally shitty year.

PS: also my plan is to participate in jams every now and then so expect a lot more of those topics …


Ahhh. I see. I see.

Building a portfolio like this would def help with that.

Good luck bro.


And of course the wining theme is exactly the one I didn’t want to win - Alchemy…
Now I have to do that wizard game where you combine elements and stuff to create different spells…

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Harry Potter and the half blood prince video game had an alchemist element.

I haven’t played any Harry potter game. Fun fact - my nephew is named Harry…
I’m wondering if alchemy is only potions and chemistry or can it be applied to general crafting as well. I may have to do some research…

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I believe alchemy is only chemistry.

I’ll find a Harry Potter game video

Edit: found one

Edit 2. That video stinks I’ll find another one. But you can see the point at 1:40

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It is basically… Yeah…
So my idea won’t work…

Alchemists believed that substances, mind, philosophies, religion, magic and astrology were related to each other.

Yeah, I knew alchemy would be an issue…

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Can I make a potion shop or something?

You will be like a vendor in an RPG game and you will run the shop for potions.
Something like recetear but with potions… And much less polished and deeper…

I’ll have to boil a shit load of healing and mana potions, alongside antidotes and stuff…

I have 3 days to finish the thing. I have pretty straight forward plan as to what I want to do.
What I need ATM is art and sound.
Can anyone help me with the sound? All I need are 3-4 nice medieval mystery sounding melodies, that would be able to loop without much of a noticeable cut.
Art will be entirely pixel art, so it shouldn’t be that much of an issue to do something by miself. But I need hyouge HYOUGE help with the sound…

Does it have to be original (don’t know how many music people we have here. I think HEXcellerate makes music) or can it be from public domain?

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Creative Commons Music?


Nope… CC0 is just fine.

Will check that out… Will save me a lot of time trying to make something miself.

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I made some very basic setup of some stuff. It’s 5:30 AM, I need some sleep. When I wake up I will do some more stuff…
There will be a lot of crunch involved here, since I am doing multiple databases referencing each other and a single digit can kill everything. So that’s that…

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OK, the game is chugging along.
The storefront part is almost done. I will have couple more hours of work on it, and I will move on to potion boiling. That will take some time to do properly.
If I have time I will try to do a thing where you grow your own herbs and stuff, but I may not have enough time for that. I have 24 hours left to work on it, cause I will be at work after that…
I think I will be finished in time if I skip the herb growing…

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I’m definitely not gonna do plants growing in game.
I still have a lot of work to do on boiling potions and then I have to do some polishing and menus and stuff…
I may even not be ready in time. We shall see…
I’m goin to bed now. I have been doing this for 8-9 hours today…

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I couldn’t finish the game. I need are least 3-4 more hours and I have to go to work. So yeah.

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Are you still going to work on it even tho the event is over?

Totally should.

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Oh, if I’m going to work on it I have to start from scratch.
It’s one of those things literally held together with spot and bubble gum for the jam only. There are so many corners cut, that it’s smoother than a circle.
The most aggravating thing is, I don’t have that much work on it. I just don’t have the time.

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