I have flipped the removable bit of my USB stick, but how do I "unflip" it?

So I folowed this guide, so I can partition my USB stick. And the "flip removable bit" option made it look like a hard drive in my PC. It now always looks like a Hard Drive, and not for instance a: "removable storage"

The program I used to flip the removable bit is: Lexar's Bootit software. I tried to use the "flip removable bit" button a couple times again with my USB Stick. But it didn't revert it.

This is the guide. I had no idea that I couldn't undo it:



Any way to change it? Or time to buy a new USB stick?

weird, i never knew you could do that. and why?

To make for instance several bootable isos on one USB stick. Unfourtunately it was the wrong method, because if it is not being seen as a USB stick, the programs don't accept it. But it could be used otherwise, as I stated below.


Edit: Or you use it as a storage drive simply with partitions. Or install a program on it.

If you are in windows, use "diskpart" to wipe the disk.

That should rid you of your problems.

I just tried it. It didn't work. I selected the disk, and I did write the "clean" command. It's still the same as before.