I have an old laptop motherboard

I have a laptop motherboard and I have no use for it. I don't know if I should take off the APU heat sync and see what happens if I turn on till the APU burns out. I have no hard drive for it. I took apart the laptop after my sister broken the screen. Should I not let the APU burn out for safety reasons, just tell me what I should do for it.

You have a fire extinguisher?

Yes. My basement does have a cement floor also.

Keep the fire extinguisher handy, else you might burn down the house. Otherwise, do whatever you want, just have fun.

Of course, I'd buy a new screen and repair it, but that's me.

I'd repair it, but I threw away the whole thing, I regret that now. I do wish that I could have a working laptop.

I hope you have good ventilation too, that smoke off burning electronics is cancer.

Also, just hook up a screen to the laptop and use it like that, unless you need to portability part of it.

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I tried to kill it. I guess I can. I put a small piece of the heat sync on it so I could test how hot it was, I did so and after it was on it for a minute, when I took it off I almost burnt my finger. I guess I could use it as a hand warmer if I put a piece of metal on the CPU and put something on top of the metal and put something like rice on it. But I could not kill it.

Also, small point.

heat sink*

'Sync' comes from to synchronize, to make multiple things identical (the pre-internet example would be wristwatches); i.e., something completely different.

I knew I was typing that wrong, did not even click in my head.

If you want to kill it... ever heard of a hammer? Or your foot? Far less dangerous, considering you are planning to heat up chemicals that are potentially dangerous in a closed environment...

I did about 13 hours ago, I did record it. But nothing happened. I know that it had to have gotten to at least 80c. If not 90 or 100

If you want to see AMD burn, go back in time 10 years, grab an old k6 and let it idle with heatsink off.

I doubt you'll find any modern cpu (2006 and up) without a decent max tcase and throttling capabilities.

You could make it into a USB powered hot plate. If you can find the pin out.
It will get hotter the smaller the metal plate it is attached to.