I have an extra copy of battlefield 4

Hey Tek crew! I have an extra copy of BF4 (it came with my graphics card) and I wanted to see if anybody had any games that they would like to trade for it. 



I have a sim city code I got with a CPU a month or two ago, I'd trade that with you, to add an option.


Edit: So is the silence a 'no go'? PM me if you want to exchange codes in anycase, it goes to my email so I'll get it even if I'm not on teksyndicate.

I have crisis 3, bioshock(1), and a pile of spare humble bundle codes if you'd be interested

I have countless nice words I could trade. And copliments.

Hey, I have a Batman Arkham Origins code from an Nvidia card that I just got that I'd be willing to trade for your Battlefield 4 code.  Just let me know.


Edit: Didn't realize it was a Steam code (I know it's silly, but I was going to hold off and get this later on Steam because I like the community), so I'm going to activate it.  Good luck finding a great trade!

I have Sleeping Dogs and Deus Ex: Human Revolution that I got with my Never Settle Bundle.

I have Hitman, Sniper Elite V2 and the jumbo bundle excl. NS2 and sanctum 2.