I have a RAT(Help please!)

So i think that my computer has been infected by a rat.


If i put my windows disk in and format both of my harddrive will it disappear? Im really scared becuase i dont know how to get rid of it, my pc is disconnected from the internet.


Thanks, Jacob

Unless the RAT somehow got into the BIOS or installed its self on a USB driver firmware (which I doubt unless your a CEO) formatting the drives will get rid of it.

use hitman pro on your computer (it is a 30 day free trial one time, just make sure to not get ratted again)

sorry i have to say this .... have you tried placing a rat trap in your case? ...IM SOOO SORRY.

as T3hFirefly says format  the drives  if you are a CEO Kill it .kill it with a degausser 



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Just check your logs periodically for a while, you may want to use an IDS on your network like snort or kismet (for wireless) if you're paranoid. Hopefully Wendell will show how to configure snort in an upcoming video.

Yes, formatting the disk will any RAT program available right now.

Hi everyone!

I formatted both of my harddrives with the windows installer programs, then when it was finished it downloaded AVG and Malwarebytes they found nothing.

So what i downloaded was a "Injector.jar" for a game that didn't work, in my %appdata% folder i found something called "JavaRoamingserver" i scanned them and it found virus, then i formatted and looked there and scanned, it found nothing, so im pretty sure its gone.

Thanks for the responses btw!



You could have just got a program called autoruns. 

From there you could have disabled the program on startup. 

Get the file path.

Delete the file.

Delete the registry key entirely for startup.

Then probably had a nice day.

Well, i got kind of paranoid and thought my pc was part of some fat-losers botnet, but thanks for the help!

Probably was but if it's not connected to the internet they can't really do anything while you grab the program on another computer and transfer it with a flashdrive.