I have a problem, the PC works

I suffer what’s called “FOMO”, Fear of Missing OUt.
My PC like totally works, it’s stable, there is practically zero blue screens. Some rare graphics driver issues that are likely caused by my connected VR headset, turning off the hub and reboot solves it. Overall now everything is rock solid and stable.

I am really damn lucky to have such a great machine that does everything I need to throw at it and even plays Flight Simulator, the new one.

Yet, I feel like somehow I am missing out, like I wish I had even more stability or if I had this X or Y then it would be even more solid and powerful and smooth and safe and secure… This is silliness.

I get the thought that 3090 would be like so damn good and fast for my heavy workstation use… like way better than my 2080 Super. That feeling is the problem, not the machine.

Because in practice I doubt that I am actually missing out on pretty much anything. the VRAM might help some when doing the heavy lifting with Substance Painter with bazillion texture sets, but it is totally doable with my current setup, just need patience to tweak dials some more, and be more conscious about how to use the resources.

Actually having the latest and greatest doesn’t really enable me any more than my current setup. And games, man I really don’t game that much, but the games run totally fine, like really good comparing to anything I have ever had.

Let’s cure the fear of missing out, and enjoy what we have.

Is there a question?




you’re not missing out

we done here?

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This is what they want you to feel. Jensen with his leather jacket and comforting voice wants you to consoom the products.


Humans always want the new shiny.
I feel you. But you will know when you NEED to upgrade. Until then, don’t watch news, don’t browse online stores and focus on family and friends.


I think marketing makes FOMO so much worse than it should be.

Nvidia (and really all companies) portray their newest products in a golden light, saying how much harder, better, faster, stronger their new product is compared to the old one.

But what they don’t tell you is that the previous product is still good. Like the previous product isn’t going to become x% worse over night because there is something new. What does happen is that the bar is now x% higher, but everything that already existed hasn’t moved.


To put things in perspective: I still run a 710 GPU in my FM2 socket PC :sunglasses:

No gaming (well, not the ones “gamers” pride themselves off!) no hyped VR stuff, benchmarks or any other [email protected] you see in “tech-videos”. The 710 replaced a dead 210 some years ago. Silent, adequate for my needs and cheap! I can’t afford AMD Zen, whatever generation, never mind anything Intel has on offer. But I can still browse the web, play some simple 2D games and stuff.

Some nice chap worded it quite right years ago:

You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision!
(Faithless, Reverence from the 1996 Reverence album)


Huge respect to you.

you want a workstation card wait for 3080 20GB, it’ll be cheaper, drivers will have matured, more games will have RTX features intergrated (maybe) and all the power delivery problems will be worked out by then

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Really well said

I built my new PC in early July this year, ignoring all the rumors and the upcoming tech stuff. For the 3xxx launch I avoided watching all the reviews and opinions until I felt like I wasn’t “upset” about my purchase anymore.
This detachment from the tech world made me appreciate more my build and what it’s capable of (also an SFF build so maybe a 3070 might fit in but nothing else for sure!).

So my suggestion is to stop looking at tech tubers, tech websites, reviews, opinions, anything regarding new tech that you can afford to buy right now (super computers, satellites, particle accelerators all fair game lol). I think that it will help you out too to stop focusing on what’s new and shiny today and think of something else that doesen’t trigger FOMO in you.

It’s likely something between the ears. :wink:
also yeah marketing…

until last tear or so i was gaming on a core 2 quad. 2 of my laptops are core2duos, with 6gb of ram and SSDs (yes they made 4gb ddr2 sodimms)

my current rig is a x570 with ryzen 1.5gen, OLD PCie 3,2TB SSD, and an rtx 2070 and box of water cooling gear and waiting to go on. should last me a looong time, of course i’ll replace the little 1600AF ryuzen with a real ryzen 4000 when it comes out but, any other major upgrades will likley be VR headset.

Ah yes, the hedonistic treadmill. As heretical as it seems to say on a tech forum, skipping a gen or two of hardware really isn’t going to hurt most people, and the practical difference between high-end and top-tier is an order of magnitude less than the price difference for non-commercial work cases.

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So what you’re saying is that you have a gnawing anxiety and you’re hoping to supress it through the accumlation of meaningless material objects? I know how this story ends. I think you’re aware of it too. My advise when it comes to computer upgrades is that if you’re not sure if you should upgrade, you shouldn’t upgrade.

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