I Have A Noob Question

So I just finished building my pc a couple of days ago and I just decided to pick up some more ram. I just wanted to know if I can simply turn off the computer and the power supply and plop the ram in the motherboard with everything plugged in and the motherboard still screwed in? or do I have to unscrew the motherboard from the case and disconnect everything? 


Thanks in advance, 



Yeah you can...enjoy!!

turn off computer pull out power cord, wait till all leads are off, then install the new memory, becarefull, with static elektricity.

wenn touching the rams, or parts of the mainboard.

Right, so you don't really have to worry terribly much about it. Just power off your computer and preferably unplug it from the wall so you don't have a misfortunate power button mishap. Anyway, after that is done, take your computer somewhere that is grounded and otherwise electrically isolated, like a wooden table. Or you can use antistatic straps and whatnot. Anyway, the important thing is to equalize the static charge between you and your components. Most people that don't employ antistatic straps will usually just touch part of the case that happens to be large and of metallic origin. This is usually good enough to ensure that you won't go arcing across to your components. Then you can just plop your RAM into place, plug the computer back in and get back to business.