I have a few FO3 qustions

Ok, so I'm on the last main quest in FO3. I have read online that the only way to continue free roam is to not do anything to the purifier. Is it worth it to do this? I am wondering this because I didnt get a chance to go to the DC Ruins (Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Washinton Memorial, etc.).

Will any of the options involving the purifier change gameplay or options later on in the game (free roam, expansions)?

And my last question is, do you need to play the expansions in the order that they came out?

the first two expansions are extra zones that arent related to the main storyline. broken steel is a continuation of the main fallout 3 quest and raises the level cap to 30. if you complete the main quest without having the broken steel expansion the game will end and youll only be able to play from the last save. the last save will be when you enter the rotunda at the jefferson memorial, and you cant go back out . so unless you have broken steel, make sure to make a seperate save file before you go into the rotunda.

So in Broken Steel, do you have the same character with all of the same items, perks, etc. or do you start with a new person (even if you go into the purifier)?

With Broken Steel you still use the same character, it just alters the ending ever so slightly so you pick up after the purifier quest.

Ok, thanks for the help!

When you finish project purity you cannot free roam. If you do get one expantion then you should get broken steel cause the level cap is +10 lvl so when you get any other expantions you can get xp from their quests.

The first time I played Fallout 3, I beat the game at level 7... I didn't even sidetrack while wondering through the wasteland ;_;

Yea i was level 13 i just stuck to the main quest and before i knew it, the game was over.

lol.. Did new game today.. finished today.. Did nothing but main quest

Point Lookout came out today

Ive got like over 20 hours logged into that game, i took my time exploring, collecting books and bobbleheads, etc. im at lvl 28 have 100 in nearly all skills except barter and unarmed.