I have a few cell phone questions

Ok i have a phone that was givin to me by a friend that did not use it any more,well i have an idea of something i want to use it for,but i need to ask some question first.


first,do you guys think that a cell phone that is always on a car charger,but never being touched or used,do you guys think it would drain the car battary over night if it was charging oven when the car is off?


Also do you guys think a cell phone that is cell phone that is always charging while the car is running,and not charging when it is not,do you guys think the phone battary would run out over night?


Also what is the best FREE GPS tracking/anti theft android app?



The phone i will be using for the project is a ZTE Concord V768 here is a link to the specs of the phone if it will help. http://theinformr.com/cell-phones/zte-concord/specs/


what i am planning was an idea givin to me by a co worker,which is take an old cell phone that is GPS capable,make it to where is it charging all the time,or at least when the car is running,and hide it deep in side the car where no one can see it or find it,then if the car is ever stolen i have a cheap/free lojack to track the car if it gets stolen.


I am wanting to do this to my next car since my last car was stolen,and no way to find it or get it back,and it looks like the cops are not going to be able to find it.