I have a bunch of office stuff, what do I do with it

I don’t have a picture of any of it right now unless I can get in an old google account, but I have a shitload of modular HON office equipment meant to make any sort of workspace you’d want, but mostly to make a cubicle. I don’t really know what to do with them.

I have posted them on craigslist a few times for like 8 months str8, FB market was new to me so I might give that a shot, but I got them basically new. I don’t want more than like 200 for them, could I sell them to a school or something? Its just kind of filling a storage space rn. Any ideas?

Around my area there are companies who buy that stuff up and resell it for a profit to businesses which want more matching furniture or are on too low budgets to buy new.
Maybe just search for used office furniture and your area, see if a company pops up that resells those.

Otherwise, if you know a non-profit which might need it or even a school you could contact them as well, they might appreciate the low price.

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