I have a 780 and can barely run DayZ

so i have everything set to low i have changed the render distance to as low as possible and get about 50 in open areas and about 20 in cities i also have an AMD FX 8320 4.2GHz with launch parameters to use 8 cores any solutions?

We're going to need more information than that.

What OS are you running? What driver version do you have installed? Do other games perform like they should or is it just this game? Since you have an Nvidia card have you tried optimizing settings for the game in GeForce Experience? Have you run a program like CPU-Z and GPU-Z to make sure your CPU/GPU hardware is being detected properly?

Windows 7, every games runs smooley i have the latest drivers not beta becuase they give me even worse frames, my gpu has been detected and i have also noticed the game use like 10% cpu and 20% GPU where as most games use 80-100%


If other games work fine then it's definitely not a hardware issue and probably not a driver issue. I'm guessing its a problem with the game. Have you tried running it without those launch parameters?

tried everything i can but the game is in its alpha stage so i really can't expect much

Well it is an alpha and the arma engine is traditionally CPU heavy in an old per core performance way. Rocket is actually changing that a bit, particularly with server hosting. Trying for more parallelism in tasks for the servers I read, in a dev post on their forum.


Set everything back up as you see fit but play with the clouds, I have heard that makes a world of difference right now for some people.

Something is really wrong, on lowest settings no AA, post etc Im getting 25-30 in open spaces, and 15-20 in city's and im on a laptop with a GTX 630M and i5.

Id be incline to try a install, as the 780 should be smashing it (play with a guy with a 780 who plays at 1440 high setting, and he has yet to grumble about FPS..when he wakes u, im sure he will chime in)

That is very unusual performance for a 780, I'm running a 7950 which can play the game perfectly fine. My fps usually sits around 60-100 in the wilderness and inland towns, then drops to around 40-60 in bigger towns. I also use launch parameters for the game. Here are a few screenshots with my settings: http://imgur.com/a/rhKCv

Hopefully this will help with your problem.


Indeed I shall, Peps1.

Yes, the 780 should be playing DayZ at 1440p on the highest textures. However, I do have to turn the AA down a little - which I barely use at 1440p, anyway.

The game is in Alpha, give it some time, performance will be much more balanced in future.

I have Nvidia GT 220 (google it) and I run my DayZ at same frames as you, problem is this game is so broken you wouldn't even belive, your results are normal everybody is having this problem but there are some tricks you can do

try this http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/1t31tb/all_useful_config_tweaks_for_fps_and_playability/

and this http://opendayz.net/threads/dayz-performance-increase.17704/

it helps a little but not too much 

I get 30 fps in town with:

AMD Athlon II x2 250

Nvidia GT220

4GB ram 

It isn't "broken". It is in Alpha.

That's what you get when you buy a game that isn't finished yet.  There are plenty of finished games that are more deserving of your time and money, try some of those.  And don't pay for something that isn't done yet.

Well I know that in ARMA II you can;t play it on 'full' settings because there is a slider that can render things up to 10km away, so if you've accidentally got that on then maybe that's it.

Just forget about this game. Let it rot. It will never come even close to Beta. I knew that right from the beginning.

It's just Dayz. It's horrendously optimized just like it's predecessors. I think to say 'let it rot' may be a bit melodramatic though.

I have noticed a trend with the AMD cpu's getting very low frames. My friend and me for example, he has an i7 3770k and an AMD 7870 i think it is and he was getting around 40 frames. Then me AMD fx 8350 and a titan black sc...... getting 22-28 frames with the same settings as him standing rite next to him.  

-Cheers in hopes to better optimization in the near future- 

Wierd, my gf has a 8350 and a 770 and she plays Dayz at 1440p at max setttings, something is wrong

But Dayz will never be finished

Game is in Alpha.

Try reinstaling it.

It will never reach beta anyways, just get what you can out of it