I have a 460 V2. Is it worth buying another one and SLIing them to replace my 650?

Usually I play older games but as of late I've gotten back into Planetside and other more intensive games. However, a Galaxy 650 just won't cut it for the next few years.

I've seen comparisons of regular 460 (non-V2) and the 650. While the V2 is less powerful, is it worth having two of them? Will it equate a 650 Ti Boost, or even a 660? I use just one monitor and the 400 series is getting pretty dated, so it might not be worth it.

Various friends of mine really don't like SLI and tell me it's a way to burn my house down (It's an inside joke because I've actually had a housefire from a computer). Especially for single monitor setups, too, they tell me that SLI is stupid.

Well, the 400 series of GPU's is known for being pretty hot.. If you dont have to upgrade your PSU then I think you should go for it!

(PS: It will look cool at lan parties!)

Should I put any aftermarket cooling in my processor?

It seems that with an AMD + nVidia setup, this will get really hot and it will probably effect my processor's temps.

Why not just sell both gpu's to try and afford a newer card that will use less power. 460 sli will use quite a lot power.

Yeah, that seems like a good idea. Currently looking at an MSI 7870 currently at 660 price point.