I have a 3770k and was wondering if its worth it to upgrade to a 4790k

pretty much the title :) just wondering if its worth upgrading. i mainly stream games on twitch a do a little photoshop. oh i have a small issue, my 3770k won't overclock, it seems like i can change the multiplier in the bios but when i reboot it stays at 3.5. im not sure if its the cheap motherboard i got (Z77A-G41) or if i got a bad cpu. thanks for the help in advance <3

marginal boost at best I would think

buy a better board and overclock properly :D

i cannot verify his testing methodology so I have to take him at his word and assume he knows what the heck he is doing :)

I had that motherboard with a 3570k and I just left turbo on voltage on auto and set my multi to like 4.1ghz and it worked fine. Try having speed step and turbo on and c1e off.

Do it. I have an I5 4690k but I have a friend with a 4790k and he rants how its one of the most robust processors hes ever had. All i say is to get a nice lGA 1150 motherboard of your chose and get a fancy 240 or more rad and go to town with over clocking. Super smooth overclock-ability. Dont go 4.5+ GHz crazy, But have fun with it. IGN 10-10

ok thanks everyone for the help :) ill do some more testing in the bois :) would be nice to get to 4.0 or 4.2 :D wish me luck

so i did some more testing with c1e and speedstep off and its still reading 3.5. looks like ill get a new board and try it wil that :D

In hind sight, I wish I would have held off on my upgrade to a 4790k, from a 2500k. With that said, I wouldn't upgrade from your 3770k. Seems like somewhat of a side grade.

You'd be getting next to no tangible improvement. The 3770k is a very nice processor that really shouldn't be showing its age for a while to come. The first time I would even be thinking about upgrading from that processor would maybe be skylake / AMD Zen. If and only if those processors do make a big leap forward in performance for the first time in the cpu world in a long time. Haswell really isn't a 'smart' upgrade for the last couple of generations of Intel customers, unless they were on a Pentium, I3, or Celeron.

What this guys says is basicly true.
There is not much of a diffrence between a 3770k and a 4790k on the both same clockspeeds, wenn it comes to gaming.

However for rendering there is an significant diffrence in performance, depending on the render application you are using.
This is because haswell cpu´s like the 4790k, come with some new instruction sets like avx2.

For the marginal increase you will get from a cpu & socket swap you would be better off upgrading your GPU. You should be able to oc just fine on that board - follow a guide and/or read the manual.

I agree with this.
GPU upgrade will make more sense.

A friend of my has an sandy 2600k, and i adviced him to upgrade his GPU, he boaght a GTX970, no problem at all maxing that out.

I would trade my 4770k for your Ivy bridge, my chip is not overclockable at decent temps. Stick with it, you should be good for another 2-3 years

I'm still running on sandy bridge. Upgraded to a SSD and have a EVGA GTX 570 and my computer runs everything just fine. Definitely looking at the GTX 970 though.