I have 64GB of DDR3 ECC ram and I want to use it

I have 64GB of DDR3 ECC ram sitting next to me and I want to use it.



I am looking for a motherboard that can support an i7 (preferred but not necessary)  CPU and all of my ECC RAM.



Going to be using this computer to rum all my VMs 


Dose anyone have any suggestions?


16GB of ram on each stick or dim   4 sticks

just to be clear... you have 4x16GB DDR3 ECC?


You need to go upto a Xeon for ECC to work. Specifically an E5 version as the E3's only support 32GB of RAM (8GB x4)

Very nice,  I wonder how many VMs you could run at once with all that ram.  My old crapple macbook air had 64gb hdd, you have the same amound of ram as I had hard drive space did on my netbook lol. 

Well if I recall right , you are going to need socket 2011 or 2011-3 ?

If so , then we need a budget .

do you have a budget? it's looking like this is going to be expensive...

also... what is the purpose of this experiment? :)

it won't be 2011-3 that uses DDR4

you could go with a Xeon E5 on socket 2011. if you wanne use error correction.

Asrock X79 Extreme 6 supports ECC unbufferd

Something like this.



those boards to my knowledge also supports VTd for your VMs.

yes they do offcourse ☺

buffered or unbuffered dimms? Not all boards support buffered.

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keep in under 1k

buffered dims I think

looks interesting thanks 

keep it under 1k

Yeah please check that, and let us know.

Because indeed not all mobo´s support buffered dimms.

Buffered dimms are probably only supported by C-series workstation grade boards.

Thank you I will be buying the parts you suggested 

the ram that I have is this http://www.memoryamerica.com/m393b2g70ah0-ch9.html