I have $350 to spend on CPU, Motherboard, and GPU. What do i get?

So i know about computers i have built 3 in my life here on earth so far... Non of those PC were mine, they were for rich friends go balls to the walls. But that aside i spent some of my budget on a phone, moto g 2 gen and i am sorta lost for what i want to build. I really dont want to go with AMD just because yea but they seem to have the best for my price range, but when i watch verses videos the Intel always is better. I really want a CPU that i dont need to upgrade next year so yea.

For the motherboard i really don't care something thats going to last for a long time. Needs to have support for some fans.

GPU i would like a 760 (for shadow play) but the r9 270 and 280 seem to have better performance.

I really want to play Arma III,BF4, and CSGO without lagging.

Thanks everyone for helping me out.

PS:its okay if the total is $355 or $360

well those games that you want to play are usually pretty CPU intensive, at least the first 2 are I should say. CSGO will run on a literal toaster. However I don't think you're gonna get anything that can run those well for that budget, I mean you might be able to run them but not without lag. Maybe you should just wait and save up for a bigger budget :(

I know but hey got to do what i can. What CPU would you recommend at this price range?

intel is not always better, and the difference in price for just gaming is not justified. If you want an all around good PC AMD is definitely great for this. You'll be flooded by comments scolding you for being a fanboy soon, be warned :)

For your price range r9 270 or even 280 are much better choices, if you want to go nvidia I'd say skip the mid range and go straight for 970 or 980 if you can afford it. The newest high end cards like that are overkill for maxed out games at 1080p. An r9 270 can do it, without (too many) filters of course.

So your best bet is to go with a cheap 970 chipset brand name motherboard like asus, asrock, gigabyte, msi. You'd be better off looking for deals on combos, you might get a 8350 in there, it's worth it and it's actually on par and sometimes faster on some games than intel.


Something like this, better check up with amd users here. I can assure you though the FX 8350 is pretty much the same thing as a 4770 when it comes to games, virtually no difference (I've compared it myself).

Well you could always grab a G3258 and a B85 motherboard but an i3 might be a little stronger even after the G3258 OC.

Get an ASUS, gigabyte or XFX if you want quality AMD cards. I have a gigabyte windforce nvidia and it's the best cooler i've seen, because I'm not hearing it :P

That's a bad idea at this point in time, he's got 350$, if he's from US newegg has deals on fx 6300 and 8350 + motherboards, a much more viable platform than a simple dual core.

i3s are simply not worth the attention, if you're gonna spend more on intel, go for i5 and nothing else for gaming. 

Thanks TropiKo.  I would love to have a 970 with a intel i5-4670k but... yea not in my price range. I think il trade the 8320 for the 8350. I have read there is some loss in performance (a good amount) but yea thanks man.

Does AMD cards have anything like shadowplay? 

Also do you know if the AMD Athlon x4 860K is an okay CPU?

On a budget G3258 is fine. I have a friend with a 750 Ti and G3258 at 4.7Ghz. Its playing everything he throws at it. With a i5 you can see a high minimal frame rate. But the Avg and Highs tend to be the same. 

If you fine with being locked in the AMD socket AM3+ I would go for the 8350 before the intel. But if you have plans to upgrade the cpu in the next year or two. Then the intel socket is the only one to grow on. 

Also you where asking if AMD had a game recording service. They do its built into an app called raptor. The encoding on the older GCN cards that are carry overs from HD 7000 card is not as good as the newer ones. But if your just looking to record or stream at 480 or 720p the FX CPU's are more than able to handle that task.

One thing to note is single threaded performance on Intel is way better. And the few games that like that will run much better on intel than AMD. Even if you play the same game on a 8 core vs a intel dual core. These games are a dying breed but something to note.

With my own experience I have switched to a Intel i5 myself from a AMD system. And I did notice that my games seem to run smoother. I think it had more to do with the motherboards firmware on the AMD system than anything else.

+1 for the price you get a 8 core that can be compared to some i5s and a decent enough chipset to get a nice OC on it and the R9 270 is better than the 750 Ti in most cases so for $330 you can't go wrong!

A second hand i5/mb combo (sandy or ivy) + 280/760/770... or 290 if you can get a sweet deal on the combo. I wouldnt waste money on a low end cpu as you play cpu intensive titles.   My 2c.

Look around for amd fx 6300 when on sale that will run you 80 bucks if u can get lucky this black friday for gpu you can get a 270 x for around 150 now. Do you already have ram and a power supply unit. Also I am pretty sure a normal size 760 beats out a 270x. Pretty sure it is only the itx 760 that is slower. The msi itx 270x can be found on newegg for 150.and a amd fx can be found for 90 bucks on new egg currently but probably will be cheaper black friday and cyber monday since theese are early sales to keep you from buying at their competition.So 150+90= 240 leaving you with a decent amount of money for a motherboard.Don't be blind for teams it is going to hurt your wallet I know it is going to hurt my wallet being team intel and nvidia once I build this new rig.