I hate my full time job

It's time for another decompression blog. This is stream of conscious. Enjoy the nonsense.

Some think Tek Syndicate is my full time job... no. It is not. My full time job is looking for new place to move to. It's extremely stressful for someone like me. I don't particularly enjoy the search. I'd rather be making videos. Anyway, the stress has spilled over into other aspects of my life. I find myself refreshing Zillow and Redfin to look at the newest things. I think I have every house from Seattle to Portland memorized. I know this is the wrong way to do it... but all I can think about is finally moving to a more functional environment. Using a tiny bedroom as an office is killing me.

So, sorry for the delays in Patreon stuff and the lack of quality video from our Seattle office. I barely am able to get any videos done... the stress ages one. I actually did not anticipate Patreon growing so quickly. Thank everyone for being awesome. I'll try to return things to their awesome state. I just lack the time and focus now to keep up with the grind. Finding a place is priority number one. However, now that Qain is here, I will have him line up a bunch of stuff to shoot in December.

I'm glad we didn't sell out to pay for the new office... but it would have made it a lot easier! Too bad that's not our style. "The all new Tek Syndicate headquarters brought to you by Corsair and Intel!"... Yeah, that won't work. Anyway,
after CES it should start to calm down a bit and we will finally get into doing some amazing original content with Qain and Pistol. We might even do some more skits like our 666th video. Let us know if that is something you want?

I'll try to finish editing the Lian Li tour tomorrow. I keep opening it and doing a little... then getting distracted by the housing thing or 200 other random things. We will see how that goes. I'm anticipating a flood of realtor calls and I might even have to run to Portland. Oh... and there is tons to do regarding the Lan party. Jennifer is point on that, but I'm sure I'll be needed for something. Mondays and Thursdays are the crazy days.

I have been allowing myself to play video games more lately. I need some way to stop the insanity. So that has been good at least.

After we move I will be so relieved. We are trying to buy a place this time so we won't be forced to move. Also, we won't have to ask anyone if we want to wire it for ethernet or knock down a wall.

Thanks to everyone for staying with us. This transition period seems like it will never end. Some call it growing pains... some of it is my not feeling at home anywhere. Well, I did feel at home in VT, but it was hard to grow the company there. I do not feel at home in Seattle, but Portland is probably my favorite city. I can't wait to get down there.

Last thing... People seem to like the live version of The Tek. I think a live show does have a lot of energy, but I want to maintain the same quality... What does everyone think about us shifting to live? I'm thinking Wednesday or Thursday nights. We started the Friday night thing... but there are too many other tech shows on Fridays now.


|I'll be happy for the show to be live so long as it's at a time that's convenient to my viewer times in New Zealand.... So any time because if you do it Wednesday or Thursday I'll probably still get it earlier than I do now..... But seriously Just come to New Zealand, we have trees and beers and wild Taniwha (If you google this they aren't really just water monsters they are beings which protect sacred places, so all habitats.) which are way cooler than Sasquatch, semi decent internet.

But really so long as you're that random guy on the internet who seems to talk some sense with his friends and draws my attention to interesting topics I'll probably keep watching, unless I'm like stuck in a bush with no internet.

Oh yeah one more reason to move to NZ, the beets, they are looking juicy this year. Photos will come when harvested.

Edit whenever I claim seriousness it's probably the less serious I'll be.

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Hey man, if you move to Portland that'd be pretty rad. There are tons of cool people in the area, and I'm sure you'll love everything Oregon has to offer.

Definitely do some crazy fun videos if you have time for it.

For live shows I'm indifferent, since no matter what I'll be too busy or unable to watch live, so I'll just be watching archived stuff anyway.

If possible you may want to try for some of the satellite communities in the Portland area to avoid the high prices and the clusterfuck that is the downtown area. I can't say which ones exactly but having lived in Oregon all my life I've known plenty of people who quickly regretted moving into a downtown area in Portland and would have preferred being closer to the woods.

Skits as a rare occasion thing? sure (maybe once I see the quality I would be open to more)
Live The Tek? Yes and no. Maybe that should be a special once-a-month kind of thing. I'm not a fan of live streams, but, I understand the "energy" that surrounds them and can see how beneficial it to the community.

I can't personally say I understand the headache of finding the right place to live; at my young age and in my income bracket, I don't even really get a choice as to where I live. BUT, I can understand the stress. You got a good community who supports the Tek Syndicate staff...aside from those few ass holes who have to post in the forums about how you don't know what you are talking about when it comes to TOR...fuck those guys.

I missed this recent live version of the show. I think it would be good but it seems like it be a bit chaotic without a third person keeping track of things on the side vs just you and Wendell doing it. Will need to set my Dingo alarm clock so I don't miss the next one.

Watch the last episode. We do every episode "live". I just sometimes cut stuff. The last one is the same as always, just without editing for coughing or whatever. We never have a 3rd person. I change camera angles with mouse hotkeys.

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Ok, yeah I saw that one with you being half-pissed and all. Didn't really notice all too much difference to be honest.

I'm more than happy to wait a bit for quality content. Take the time you need to focus on finding the 'right' environment for the new Tek Syndicate headquarters. I'm sure that most (if not all) of us understand that moving is a stressful and time consuming endeavor and while we enjoy the content, a few weeks off wont kill us, and may do you the world of good.
Take the time to get your move and your mind right, then go back to producing the quality content that we all have come and stayed for.


Well said Vandal.

As to the live question. I caught about half of last weeks show, then listened to to full version later anyway.

The live show froze a number of times & chat wasn't worth reading IMO.

I generally listen to the Tek while I'm doing something else around the house, so tuning in each week, same Tek time, same Tek channel, doesn't really appeal to me.

But if others want it, or you guys prefer it, it won't inconvenience me at all, I'll just watch the video later as usual.


I reckon take as much time as you need man. What yourself and the whole Tek crew have done for the PC community over the many, many years is amazing to say the least. You gotta do whats right for you champ.

Any haters who give ya grief can go for a long walk off a short bridge.


If you shift to live shows. I think you guys should use the IRC for the chat (efnet, as qain). You know what YouTube comments are like. And the teksyndicate IRC is used quite a lot.

As for the move I hope you find somewhere nice soon.

edit: fixed my spelling


Yeah, I thought every episode was "live," or translated to production BS, "previously recorded live," or something like that. I noticed one time you mentioning you're doing the TD and directing, as well. It might've been shortly after you got the Tyon. You could use the help of another person doing the directing, so this way you can just focus on hosting the show. There was a show recently where you said you had to rerecord nearly an hour because there was a problem with the mics. Someone behind the scenes monitoring this stuff, probably would've caught that and saved you a lot of time and headaches.

I think doing shows live is a good idea, but only because it will keep your professionalism/showmanship sharp. I almost never watch the show as it's streamed though. I can usually notice where cuts have been made, as they're usually quite abrupt. Makes me wonder what I've missed sometimes. It can be hard to keep up on a live production schedule though, especially with a skeleton crew.

Moving is a bitch. Don't rush it. If you have to rent till you find something, then do that. Take your time. Hope you have a good real estate agent. A good one will make the ordeal so much easier.

Did you also experience the Seattle Freeze, in your time there?

Good luck on the search

Agreed with Eden to have some sort of IRC chat if it isn't setup.

I think the live shows are really cool, as I already got that feeling from the previous shows. Only do it if you like to/have time for it though.

Good luck with the new house search dude. :)

https://teksyndicate.com/chat This is what @Eden was talking about.

Keep it up logan, Don't sell out and take the easy way. Also Minnesota is nice this time of year, All the snow and stuff :P

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I would.like some.oddball stuff like a 666th episode, you have that Shenanigans Syndicate channel which is not getting much love. I am sure plenty of random just from LAN Syndicate could go in there too.

A live Tek is really fun but so is the regular shot edited Tek. What ever you are more comfortable with really. If it is the live Tek then do that and occasionally up a edited quality one, like when you would be a way for a few days you could cue one up. Or conversely do regular edited Tek and every now and then do a live one for fun, like when you are away again... Either way you get the point.

Edit: Just on the moving. Don't rush it, don't make a regrettable choice, be sure, be happy and get what you want with ideally no compromises, but realisticly as few as possible. Bad move can mess your mind up. While I am not a person who owns a house personally I have been moved with the family before and they screwed up big. The place is nice but not if you don't have you own transport. It severely depressing living where I am currently. So location make a big difference.

Think not only about the house, think about local amenities, transport, people, activities in the area, all the things out side the house. Try to imagine a week there and what would annoy you about trying to deal with what ever short coming you find in a place you might like.

Seriously. Bad moves are detrimental to the mental stability of the person moving.

Thanks @NJM1112, you might be able to tell i posted that on my phone xD

Fantastic, had no idea this was a thing. Thanks!

On the live tek. If you felt it just wasn't polished enough to go out as "the" episode, you could try out doing the tek live but not published to youtube and publish the edited version as you do now. Theres less pressure to get everything right live and you still get to publish the polished version to youtube.

Hi Logan,
I'm not usually a commenter but I figure hey, why not...right? First let me say, I really enjoy the show. You and your team have created something of real value. In regard to your question about live or edited. Why don't you do the show live until you find a permanent residence? That way you could use the time normally alloted for editing to focus on your search.

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