I hate GRUB

So GRUB sucks. It's ugly. It's boring, and other bootloaders i've seen just look better. How do i replace GRUB and what are good alternatives?

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If you don't want to use grub, there's always Lilo.

Assuming you are mainly talking about the aesthetic side of it. Grub can be be customized to look differently but not infinitely of course, you can change the font and background image etc. (easily with grub-customizer) but yeah it's still kind of ugly.

The arch wiki has a list of some bootloaders and bootmanagers. rEFInd is a boot manager that can look pretty good. There is also burg which is based on grub but it hasn't been updated since 2010.

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This is the result of a long and arduous 2 second google search

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i just don't see the point of choosing a Bootloader based on looks.


Why change boot loaders purely off of aesthetics? It's kind of hard to find support for anything other than Grub.

Best one yet, no boot loader. Mash F11. Assuming they are all on their own drives.

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You could try Burg it's a fork of grub but is focused on better theming.

About Burg: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/BURG

Well question 1 is: do you run just one OS? If you only run one OS then I have good news! You can disable the grub menu completely so you don't have to see it.

If you are running multiple OSes then I would recommend rEFInd but I couldn't tell you how to install it but I've used the boot disk before when I borked my EFI boot settings and it looks pretty sharp.

You don't need a bootloader if you have UEFI and the kernel is compiled with efistub (which most are):


Gummiboot makes booting from stubs really easy.