I hate Counter Strike

I've recently switched from console to PC Gaming, was offline for a good while and had a blast playing with CS 1.6 bots, once I got internet I got CS GO and fucking hate it.

I don't understand why people hype this game so much, I'm used to games like Quake and COD were you have to be on the move and if you stand still your dead. This game is a challenge of who can peak 1 pixel around a corner the best. Having more than 1 game mode is useless since it's all just a corner peaking challenge. 

Since I wasted 15$ on it, I guess I would like suggestions on how to enjoy this game, or would gladly trade it for any COD,Quake 3, or Unreal Tournament. Or maybe CS 1.6 since I don't have that on steam and haven't experienced online with it, but is probably the same thing >:( 

So basically you hate it because you don't know how to play it? Ok. To each their own I guess.

Just play bots on GO then.. it seems like you're angry because you're getting outplayed? Don't fuck with CS there's some crazy good dudes on there. Just takes time. This isn't a game you can hop onto and win! It's obviously a pretty good game.

This is what everyone says " You just don't know how to play"  NO I know how to aim how it works, if you stand still everyone else becomes a headshot magnet.  I know someone wants to trade CS 1.6 for CS Go ^_^ 

Really now, because from you posts. I doubt you know as much as you think you do. Knowing how to aim, is only a small part of being a better CS player.

I do , I'm an above average player in pretty much any game I put time into, I understand the mechanics of everything in CS GO, and think they are PURTY FUCKIN GAY Turtles would have fun playing it

Yeah.. Go back to Xbox.

Never played xbox. 

Oh.. my mistake, it's your choice of words in your last post that led me to it believe so. My apologizes. 

Which words?

Ok... What, may I ask, do you classify as a above average player? I wanna know. Also what mechanics are you claiming to have an understanding of?

  • "PURTY FUCKIN GAY" -> yeah that's not the level of conversation we like to have here
  • Logan put in one of the Tek-episodes: "Gay" is not a curse-word it means homosexual, civilized people won't insult minorities (or anyone in general) needlessly.


  • I think Mudrii nailed it when he said "go back to Xbox", there people use slurs all day long.


  • As for you not liking Cs Go, that's fine, but you're not the sole judge of that game, and since most people seem to like it, it can't be a bad game.
  • Also you can try out games on steam before you buy, if i'm not mistaken.

Really? You switch to PC and CS is the best you can do?

Words are used as expressions for ideas, and should be taken as such, people look to much into the word itself, and not the fucking message. Obviously by "PURTY FUCKIN GAY" I meant : It is not very fun for me, and they style of play required for it is bad. BUT guess that was not implied to all the people reading since you can't get past the words themself.

It CAN be a bad game, I'm pretty much convinced that people like it only because it's hyped to no end. I've read many other post of people wanting to get into it as I did but can't because the game is so "FUCKIN GAY" 


People talk the same way across all platforms, from the Wii to Pc, quit being a self richeous ass hole. 

watchaaaa mean

@ sawyerthebest

*sigh* & he keeps pilling on

you have you're opinion about that game, that's fine,however you alone don't get to decide whether it's bad or over-hyped, that's a community vote -> THE END !

AGAIN: using "gay" as a negative expression is insulting to gay people. Its RUDE, so DON'T do it: What's wrong with you ? that can't be that hard to understand !

There is no justification for that, you are expected to convey your message without using degrading slurs. Get it through that thick head of yours !

We need that "troll button" faster, Logan. But still, this remains amusing.

I never said it was the final fact that CS is a Horrible game to anyone, I stated that it was a horrible game to me for those reasons, and for those same reason I can't see why anyone else would like it.

Did you not just read what I said look at what the words mean not the words. If I say gay and you think that's offensive to gay people, than your the one being predjudice against gay people on a conscious or subconscious level. You're the self righteous ass hole. To me and 99% of other people that have moved past gay as a offensive term towards gay people, gay means something stupid. FUCK

You do know how personal preference or taste works, right? Just in case you don't: different people like different things, even things you hate. You're not the center of the universe, you're a tiny part of it.

"gay means something stupid"

NO, no it doesn't, if you use it that way, it's a slur. & That's not cool

Give the OP a break, i don't get all butthurt and self rightous when someone says something negative about something i like or own like its written as fact and doesn't come down to total preference.

But im sorta in the same boat in that i loved the old CS and don't care much for the new one.