I had a fun night

  • Building new NAS

  • setup everything, run memtest86

  • everything working good

  • install TrueNAS

  • all that’s left is connecting the drives, then I can start migrating the old server, but decide I’m just going to setup the pool and call it quits for the night

  • plug in all of the drives and turn on PSU, mobo does some led rainbow soup and turns off

  • find it weird but think nothing of it

  • system wont post

  • no debug leds

  • turning on/off the PSU will cause the onboard power/reset switches to blink but ultimately turn off

  • find random reddit thread with 3 replies, someone says his PSU died

  • can’t take PSU out of old server because it has network critical stuff running

  • start migrating docker containers to my main PC

  • migrating docker containers to windows is a networking nightmare

  • multiple hours later I can shutdown the server and steal it’s PSU

  • plugging the other PSU into the mobo same results

  • clear CMOS, does nothing

  • use bios flashback, reports flashed success, still broken

  • I intended to go to bed 6 hours ago

  • I have to go to work in 2 hours and haven’t slept yet

  • I have to go to work in 2 hours and haven’t slept yet

I hear there’s a bug going round, hope you get well soon.