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I got two really nice PSUs, but which one do i keep?


When i was building my current machine 3 months ago i needed a new PSU, since we don’t have resellers for nicer brands such as Seasonic, Enermax and such, so i ended up ordering an EVGA 750 B3 which magically turned into a ThermalTake Toughpower Grand Gold 650w when the guy over at the store dropped the 750B3 and damaged it badly.
So, there’s one, the Toughpower Grand Gold, the other one i just got earlier today, browsing the Facebook marketplace just to see if there was anything interesting and so i found a ridiculous 1050w version of a Xigmatek Vector Stealth Silver for like a 1/5th of the original sticker price, i bought it.
Both work, both have warranty, but which one do i keep for myself? Toughpower or Vector Stealth?




depends on what are your plans of using one… or how much money you want to get if you sell one.


Both would serve me fine, the Toughpower is newer and i would probably get the same money for either…


I looked them up as best I could, seems like the Thoughpower Grand Gold is built better than Xigmatek power supplies usually are.


Yep, newer project as well, so i think its better overall, still, i’m going to make a quick buck on that Xigmatek


Yeah, a 1050W power supply should fetch a decent price secondhand.


Specially here, there’s not a lot of decent hardware for sale, let alone power supplies of this caliber


Interesting, i spoke to one of the guys on a local forum about the Xigmatek, its quite a peculiar thing because its an hibrid PSU, meaning its actually two PSUs bases inside a single case, and its quite reliable as well, should heat up less than my Tt


If you live in an area that has power issues (blackouts, brownouts, etc.) It would be a smart idea to hang onto it.
having a machine down while having to wait for replacement parts can really cramp your productivity.