I got thq complete pack

what should i play first,I've never played their game before so yea...

Well Company of Heroes is alot of fun

play Red Faction 1
great game!!!

2 was bad
3 has consolitus

THQ Pack

Nice waste of money.

wow,I've had experiences with consolitis (oblivion)
but ill definitely give the first game a try

my mom bought it,cause the monitor i wanted for Christmas was on sale for 50 bucks less :p

WTF triple post?

WTF triple post?

well it be good but like i already have red faction guerilla and coh tales of valor i mean if you didnt have some of the new games it not worth it just for the old ones

well its not a waste of money if u already have some of the newer games

Buying any single player game is bad, especially a pack of them.

Shut up faggot, noone really cares about your opinion.

And using Fronks "troll tricks" is just way old and only works when he do it.

To thread:
I think it'd be worth it just to be filling up the steam games list.. x] It's equal to almost free so.. yeah

implying I was trolling, or using Frank's "troll tricks" wateva dos r

Using this fucking less than symbol to convey opinion much too often.

implying everything i say is my actual opinion

Good point, it appears I have been beaten.

Sounds like a lot of fagg-o tree going on in this hread.


Finally you're back, what happened to Cool Cats mang?

[color=#ffffff]Last I checked, those weren't Frank's troll tricks, and he wasn't the first one to use it, it was on 4chan.