I got ripped off

Hi Logan, Wendell and the tek syndicate crew,

Ive been watching your shows, and loving them. You always recommend checking out your site before getting games off steam.

So with the release of the new batman origins game, i decided to do that, it didn't go as planned.  Under your recommendation i decided to buy the game from green man games. As i got onto the site, the site continued to crash on me. Determined to get the cheaper deal i shrugged it off.  Eventually i was able to start the order. As it was finishing, the site crashed on me (no confirmation that the transaction went through). Thinking that it didn't work for the second time, i got the game off steam- successfully. Finished the download and started the game. The next day, i get an email from green man games saying that i had bought the game twice from their site. Recently my father, the owner of the pay pal account, has been trying to get a refund. 

So i am 80 dollars out of pocket for a game i never downloaded. 

Im doing this so that i could put some pressure on them or get some ideas on how to get a refund. 

Ps, are you planning on continuing with your foobar tutorials, i really enjoyed them.


Sincerely BarrettM82 

Nothing you described indicates that you were "ripped off" in any way.  You thought the transaction didn't go through, but it had.  Thinking that, you tried again, and thought that it failed, again.  You then went and purchased it on Steam. You made the purchases on GMG.  They didn't rip you off. Complaining about it here isn't going to put any pressure on them, and their refund policy is clearly outlined HERE: http://www.greenmangaming.com/about/refund-policy/

Assuming it's been less than 7 days since you made the order and you have not gone back to GMG and retrieved keys for the two copies you ordered (and they didn't send you the keys in the email), you should have no issue receiving a refund.  Also, please tell me that you're trying to get the refund through GMG and not Paypal.  You should ALWAYS try going directly to the place the purchase was made first.


Have you even TREID doing something to get your money back? It doesn't sound like you have, it sounds like it happened and you went moaning to the internet.

It sounds like you've literally put zero effort in to this. You will have got 2 PayPal confirmation emails, go tell GMG what happened and have the transaction IDs to hand so that they can find your 2 payments, they'll then be able to see what happened first hand and fix it.

Do you want to be bottle fed and have your arse wiped too?

Lawdy lawd.



 This is the Email conversations between my dad and GMG. We have been trying for the last week and contacting this site was a last resort.

Got the game on saturday

Got Email from GMG on Sunday

sent email to GMG on Monday

got reply from GMG Tuesday morning

sent reply Tuesday to GMG


Hi Leon,


RE:  #114711


Thanks for the reply email.  I need to clarify my situation in order to explain the reason for me contacting you.


My son wanted to purchase the software “Batman Arkham Origins”.  He checked the internet market and located this software on your website.  After obtaining my approval to proceed, he endeavoured to purchase the software online.  Unfortunately, his initial attempts to procure the software met with your website experiencing server problems.  He tried half an hour later and was able to proceed with the purchase.  Whilst waiting for confirmation that the transaction had proceeded, the website crashed again.  Your website gave no acknowledgement that the transaction had been successful, with an email only being sent (see below email trail) after the event.


Believing that the transaction had not been successful, he proceeded to purchase the software “Batman Arkham Origins” from another website – www.steampowered.com .  This transaction proved successful, and my son was able to download the software onto his computer.


As we received no online verification of a successful transaction with your website for the desired software, my son felt justified in trying another website, albeit at a higher price than your website offer.  Unfortunately, I have now been charged twice for the same software which I no longer require, understanding the initial problems we experienced with your website.


I respectfully request a complete refund of the double charge for software that has not been downloaded, being an amount of 2 x $37.50 USD back to my Paypal account.  I might also point out that due to this unfortunate event, I am now being charged an over limit fee by my bank, about which I am not happy.


Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated.





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It looks like you've done exactly what you're supposed to do to request a refund.  Now, you wait.  These things typically take a few days.  I've had refunds take several weeks to go through.  As long as you start the process within the required time and all other requirements are met, it shouldn't be an issue.

Though I must say, I'm confused as to why you think contacting Tek Syndicate was a last resort and would in any way speed up your receiving a refund.  They are an affiliate and, someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, have absolutely no influence on GMG business transactions.  Also, GMG doesn't care that your dad was hit with an overdraft charge.  It's not their fault and it's not their problem.

In short, i didnt know how long to expect or what to do. I know that someone on this server would know or have some recommendations.

I put it here because im new to this and didnt know what to do.


Also thanks for the info.