I got an 8 core Xeon and you can too!

There are a metric fuck ton of Xeon E5-2670's on ebay right now for 50-60 usd and I suggest that you guys get one or two. All of the compatible lga 2011 motherboards are pretty expensive though. I got an Alienware (dell) motherboard for 150 usd, which is a pretty good deal considering that all of the other boards are around 250. WARNING: I bought an HP IPIWB-PB before I got the Dell mobo and it did not boot with the 8 core!

Edit: Here's a link for the Alienware Mobo

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What is the rest of the build ?


Xeon e5-2670
Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2
Alienware Aurora R4 Mobo
EVGA 650w GQ
Kingston Hyperx Fury 2x4gb
Getting a RX 480 in the mail
Fractal Design Core 1300
Adata sp550 480gb ssd

Unemployment is killing me...


Not having a job hurts the wallet and the mind. My dad who is a retired now gets how I feel not having worked in so long. As for getting an 8 core Xeon if I had the money definitely not on my purchase list.

Me wants, but me saving money for next build and mobile computer. :'(


http://pcpartpicker.com/list/yvCT8d ehh a new i5 and a bare bones mobo is around the same price as getting a used 8 core and mobo.

What is the cheapest Xeon CPU that supports 2011 V3?


Dang, that's impressive.

Would you mind running it through Geekbench or something? I'm intrigued, "used" could mean anything though.

Probably the E5-2603 v3.

I can't right now because it doesn't have integrated graphics and the first time I booted it, it was with a loaned gpu.

In Cinebench R15 one of those is around 1000 points.

Compared to my 760K that is slightly under 300... This thing for rendering... Omg...

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Well, wanna guess why the model number starts with 2?

-> Take a look! <-

Just ordered one for 60 bucks, cant wait to get that bad boy :)

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anyone able to BLCK OC these bad boys? I'd love to know if these would do well in gaming as well. Yes I know they aren't for that, but I want a high core count for VM's but able to play games on the same pc instead of 2 different machines.

Tbh, 2.6GHz base and 3.3GHz turbo isn't bad for an 8 core CPU with actual SMT cores. It'll probably game just fine with an appropriate GPU for your graphics needs.

They only turbo to 3.0GHz unless it is only one core in use. But still, throw in a 480 and you're fine.