I got a LEGO Mindstorms NXT set and a ton of parts, what should I build?

I got a Mindstorms NXT 2.0 set, and I have a ton of the Lego Technic parts for it (like, a TON, 3-4 boxes of them) what should I build?

I am pretty much a master at the cheesy LEGO graphical programming language, so I wanted to move on to a "real" language. I started fiddling with NXC last night, and it seems really powerful, plus it doesnt require any kind of new firmware so that's neat.

Anyway, what should I make out of this? I was thinking about some sort of home automation something-or-other, since it can communicate over Bluetooth (I've got bluetooth dongles coming out of my ears so I could have any number of the computers I've got throughout the house act as a translator, maybe even allow it to be controlled from a webGUI via that)

Ideas? Thoughts?

Automatic transmission.

M&m sorter


After googling around and reading your reply, now I'm torn between a line printer and an M&M sorter :P I think I'm gonna try an M&M sorter, might have a program that runs on a PC that communicates with it over Bluetooth to graph the M&M data lol ill be busy for a while now

Also I'm not this brave but I thought you might find this interesting Wendell