I got a great "steal" on a monitor at a garage sale

I got a Dell U2211H at a garage sale and i got it for only 5$,i have tested it it works perfectly, it is now my main screen,my old main screen was a LG ew224,now once i get get my samsung 2333HD out of the pawn shop i can finally have triple 1080p.


But i will have to get a DisplayPort cable(luckly the dell had a DisplayPort port) before then,cause my r9 270x has the same problem my dead 7970 had,you have to use a display port to be able to use 3 or more screens.


The only thing is that the screen has a bit of a yellow tint(but it is better than the washed out color of my LG),if you guys know how i can fix it please let me know.


This is my first IPS,and i am loving it already.

After using it for a several hours,there is only one downside to this screen...I may never be able to go back to TN screens...

Congrats on, um, fleecing someone lol.  You can try basic color correcting to get rid of the yellow tint.  Should help, unless it's a panel defect of some sort.


There should be color correction tools on the monitor or if your software allows for separate settings per monitor ?

Hey,all i did was ask much how much they wanted for it,they said 5$, and i jumped on it,i would of offered them extra if i had the extra money spare.

I was not really going to stop at it,but i saw pc stuff,and i thought i would just stop and look, i am glad i did.


there is the color setting presets,and there is setting that allow me the RGB colors,i messed with it and with the built in windows 7 color correction,and i am starting to think mabye it is not a yellowish tint,but just that i am not used to decent color,and have been used to the washed out color of my old screen.


I recently purchased a Benq EW2440 and found it to have more of a blue colour than my old monitor after fiddling with the settings was quite surprised by how poor quality my old monitor was (had that "dull" look) there is a clear difference if upgrading to newer LED screens from older LCD screens the colours are more "true" but that's just my opinion.

There are 'burn in' videos that you can use to help with that tint...

Can't guarantee if it really works...but...hell...why not?