I got a free HD 4850. Should I do crossfire?

Well a friend of mine gave me a free ati radeon hd 4850. It was a pretty nice upgrade from my 9600gt. I overclocked it to 700 mhz on the gpu and 1020 mhz on the memory speed. Getting 38 fps and very stable on highest settings in diablo 3 at 1280x1024. What do you all think about me doing crossfire? They are cheap on ebay and I think 2 of them would allow me to go to 1920x1080 with good FPS on most of my games. 

My motherboard is an intel dp45sg and it does support crossfire/sli and my cpu is an intel core 2 quad q6600 G0 with 8 gigs of ddr3 1333 ram.

Let me know if this would work well and if not please explain. I don't really wanna do a whole new cpu,gpu, and mobo at the moment if I can play my games at a decent FPS with a setup that will only cost me an extra $50.

P.S. I know this is outdated equipment... I don't really care I just wanna be able to not bottle neck the graphics cards that much and get a nice playable frame rate for almost all games.


You should see a pretty nice performance boost from a second 4850, but you're not going to be getting the most out of games that use Direct X 11 simply because the 4850 only supports Direct X 10. You'll only be able to play games in DX10 even if it is a DX11 game, which means you won't be getting all the eye candy that you normally would.

If you can find one for cheap and you just want to boost the framerate with your current rig, then you might as well get another. It's going to be cheaper than getting a whole new rig or buying a new GPU.

Thank you! Very helpful input! I wanna upgrade in the future just not now.

Any opinions from anyone else?

Always depends on the price for the performance increase. You likely won't get full scaling on games and seeing as how it doesn't support DX 11, it will just continue to fall behind as more games implement it and only it. Like Crysis 3. So I would probably wait and either try to find a Radeon 5970 or just upgrade to something from the current gen.

Thanks! If I get anything new I wanna get a radeon hd 7850 or 7870

the Radeon 7870 XT is more bang for the buck if you can find them. Otherwise, the used market for 5970's is beginning to dry up, so you should look at them, they are pretty crazy. Totally still a challenge for the Geforce 670's.

Well for now I am gonna snag this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diamond-Radeon-HD-4850-Video-Card-512MB-GDDR3-PCI-Express-2-0-CrossFireX-Ready-/350718760114?pt=PCC_Video_TV_Cards&hash=item51a87794b2

My  brand card I have now is a powercolor ati radeon hd 4850 512mb. I know not the same brands but that shouldn't be a problem right? And of course I'll overclock both cards to 700 mhz for the gpu and 1020mhz for the memory clock speed. I personally think for a $56 video card setup (1 was free and crossfire cable was 6 bucks) it should be pretty bad ass.

No, the brand of the card doesn't at all matter, they will all crossfire the same way, you just need to get the clocks to the same speed and all will be well with the world. Yes that is a very nice setup for only 56 dollars, and it will still be compatible with most games in the forseeable future, except for those made with the Cryengine 3. Those are exclusively DX 11.

Well now that I have my video card department set. Next is to find a nice monitor.