I googled my clan and discovered google loves us

Google has decided my gaming clan’s emblem is the military emblem for the real thing…

Same if you search for “LRRP”.
Note the DayZ font and zombie in the R


On https://DDG.gg you have to scroll a short bit in the images tab to find that logo.

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All I can say is “well done google”, lol.

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Hmm, I smell a (desert) rat…
are you sure you aren’t putting the cart before the horse?
Like complaining about Colt copying guns from COD?

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Certainly not, it’s my clan founded by myself and a friend. The emblem was drawn by one of our members based on design ideas by my co-founder. Also this isn’t a complaint, just a LOL :slight_smile:

Was just messing.

Does not show on ddg, but yeah, does show your clan in Google’s first suggestion box

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